Red Elephants Founder Vincent James Promotes Conspiracy Theories About Las Vegas Shooting

Following the mass shooting in Las Vegas that left 59 dead and over 500 injured, conspiracy theories about the massacre have quickly germinated among right-wing websites. The Red Elephants, an alt-right media outlet founded by Trump supporter Vincent James, is no exception.

James, who also goes by Vincent Foxx and Vincent James O’Connor, has written a handful of articles at The Red Elephant promoting bizarre theories about false flags and police cover-ups.

One article posted two days ago suggests Stephen Paddock escaped after the massacre and was seen gambling in an Atlantic City casino. And while James wrote that it “may be a stretch” to believe this doppelgänger is actually Stephen Paddock, he continued to fan the flames of a conspiracy that Cassandra Fairbanks won’t even touch. As he put it, “But at any rate, you have to admit the resemblance and the fact that it is at a casino are pretty unlikely coincidences.”

In another, Vincent declared that “this whole case stinks” and that the Las Vegas police “have lied on several occasions,” perhaps even about the number of shooters.

“MSNBC was also reporting that authorities are probings [sic] whether there were ‘others’ in Paddock’s suite at the time of the shooting.  Of course there were.  Any old guy who has fired a weapon knows what overlapping cadence sounds like,” James wrote.

In an October 5, 2017 interview with alt-lite YouTube personality Tarl Warwick (better known as Styxhexenhammer666) James repeated his claim that multiple shooters were involved in the massacre.

James told Warwick that he “didn’t really wanna get into the conspiracy theory parts,” but that he reviewed footage from a nearby taxicab which points to a theory that there were other gunmen involved.

James said that he heard “two different sounds of fire” with a few seconds to a minute between shots, some of which sounded close and others far away. “I basically slowed down the video and I shared it on Facebook and it’s got over four million views on it right now,” he boasted, “and I’m getting a lot of hate mail from liberals who are saying ‘Take your right-wing crap off of Facebook. Go back to the NRA.'”

And, lest one get the impression that James was alone in believing this multiple shooter theory, he revealed that he had been exchanging messages with the likes of Tim Pool — the supposedly independent journalist who runs with the likes of anti-immigrant activist Lauren Southern — and YouTube fraudster Joey Salads. And really, if you can’t trust a man who calls himself “Joey Salads,” then who can you trust?

And although Warwick initially distanced himself from conspiracies such as the one being pushed by James, he nevertheless called a police cover-up “entirely possible.” “I mean we can’t immediately label an alternative theory as automatically a conspiracy theory,” he added. “And I think a lot of times people do that.”

James: So I’m sure that you’ve seen the — I mean, obviously all [of] what’s going on and the people’s theories about what happened in Las Vegas, right? This is what we wanna talk about. And I know I saw a video that you basically stated, saying leave the conspiracy theories alone, wait until the bodies are cold before we start talking about things like that. Do you still share that opinion?

Warwick: Yes. And there’s a counterpart to that. On the one hand I’m gonna question any specific, you can term ’em “conspiracy theories” that come up with anything like this. I also will question the official line because a lot of times things are botched, things are messed up in some way.

Or they’re like the early reporting turns out to be totally wrong. The police’ll come out with a report, a week later they’re like “Oh yeah, we screwed up something and our report was not necessarily true.”

The same, though, I would say would be for people looking at footage here, I think the taxi dude has footage, there was footage from a taxi that was there in the area, other footage from the crowd and from bystanders. Sometimes we can’t rely too much on video footage because of the quality alone. And I think a lot of people, they try to rush out really early.

Whether it’s an alternative view of what happened, or it’s just political discourse — we saw what Hillary Clinton did. She comes out, she’s like “Oh we need to have time to grieve. But, here let me weigh in politically on this for the next half hour.”

James: Right.

Warwick: And I find — I just don’t think that that’s helpful when something like this happens because it’s all speculation or political nonsense. And what I was pointing out is just, a tragedy happened, they’re are gonna be a lot of people that have lost somebody in this. Can’t we take a few hours at least before we start launching off helter skelter into the obvious gun control debate, what actually happened — it was a false flag, it was something else under the Sun, what kind of terrorism was it, what was the motive? Who cares what the motive was? These people are still dead.

James: Right. Exactly. And I understand that part of it. And I didn’t really wanna get into the conspiracy theory parts, but I am guilty of that. I guess you can call it a conspiracy theory, but I noticed that in the taxi video, that there was two different sounds of fire. Sometimes with seconds in between, sometimes with 60 seconds in between, a minute in between. One sounded very close. One sounded very far away.

I basically slowed down the video and I shared it on Facebook and it’s got over four million views on it right now and I’m getting a lot of hate mail from liberals who are saying “Take your right-wing crap off of Facebook. Go back to the NRA.” Things like that.

But you can’t really dispute — and I was even messaging back and forth with Tim Pool, Joey Salads — you can’t really explain those differences in sound. It’s not echo because I slowed it down, I counted the shots, plus there’s different distances of time in between the two different sound levels of fire.

And then it’s not because he was firing from one window or the next because a man can’t — ’cause there was sometimes only two seconds in between the two different level sounds of fire, because a 64-year-old man can’t run 50 feet and pick up a weapon and, I’m just sorry, it just doesn’t happen.

Warwick: Haha.

James: And so there’s a lot — I mean even the LVPD sheriff came out today and he said that there’s proof that this guy didn’t plan this alone. But they don’t know who was involved. So those are the only things that I’m questioning and I’m getting a lot of hate from people on — I’m sure you get lots of hate mail.

Warwick: Yeah.

James: So I mean those are the only things that I’m questioning. And I’ve had messages from people that were there that are telling us that the police department is not telling the truth, so, I mean —

Warwick: And that’s entirely possible. I mean we can’t immediately label an alternative theory as automatically a conspiracy theory. And I think a lot of times people do that.