White Supremacists Try To Start A Harassment Campaign Against The SPLC In Their Lamest Troll Storm Yet

Recently The Daily Stormer, once the Internet’s foremost hate site, moved to a Filipino domain after being booted from a Catalonian one. The Stormer’s banner affectionately calls itself “America’s Largest Pro-Duterte News Site” and depicts the fascist leader next to a crowd of screaming women.

But there’s another Daily Stormer website that recently cropped up and, strangely enough, it has a Canadian domain. A glance at the website looks nothing like The Daily Stormer’s previous incarnations, and carries a message claiming to have been “hacked by anonymous.” A note on the website says:

Dear andrew anglin(yes I will not capitalize your name), you have been officially hacked by the canadian branch of Anonymous. we are a group dedicated to stopping all form of facsism and white supremacy, and today you have been destroyed and all your info harvested by a truly diverse group of computer geniuses, many of which are women and many of which are immigrants. this i the power that you gave up, and it will be by this power that you are utterly destroyed

today on 9/6/2017 we have sucessfully pinpointed your location in the world, and we are now sending our revolutionary agents.

It then instructs any “revolutionaries against this white supremacist America” to “please call Andrew at the following phone number and make sure to show up and tell him how you feel.” The phone numbers and Montgomery, AL address belong to the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) — which just happens to be the civil rights group spearheading a civil suit against the Daily Stormer founder.

The lawsuit was filed on behalf of Tanya Gersh, a Jewish, Montana-based real estate developer who was targeted in one of Anglin’s anti-Semitic harassment campaigns, which he calls “troll storms.”

Gersh and her family received numerous racist and threatening messages both over the phone and online after Anglin told his readers to “make your opinions known” and “stop by and tell her in person what you think of her actions.” Sometimes Gersh would answer the phone and hear only the sound of gunfire, while other messages vowed to drive her to commit suicide.

Daily Stormer Troll

It is unclear whether or not Anglin had any involvement in setting up this phony Stormer website, but his white supremacist allies were certainly in on the joke. In the latest episode of This Hour Has 88 Minutes, a Canadian podcast affiliated with The Right Stuff, the host — who calls himself Slug — urged listeners to visit the website.

“And of course one more website that we have to shill for: dailystormer(dot)ca,” Slug said. “That’s the current address, right? And we’re not gonna say anything else about that, we’re just gonna move on.” Their guest, Robert “Azzmador” Ray, a reporter for The Daily Stormer, claimed he heard it was “hacked,” and advised people to “call the phone number on there and give those people some shit.”

It is unclear what they hope to gain from posting the SPLC’s contact information on a fake Daily Stormer website, since anyone can look up the address to confirm it doesn’t belong to Anglin, a well-known Ohio native. And if Anglin did play a role in this transparent hoax, it’s probably his weakest trolling attempt yet.