Alex Jones Is Totally Not Mad That Stephen Colbert Made Fun Of Him

On yesterday’s episode of The Alex Jones Show, Jones proved to the world how totally not mad he is at Stephen Colbert for making fun of him. Months ago the Late Show host revealed a new frothing, right-wing persona: Tuck Buckford, the perpetually shouting host of Brain Fight.

Using the Buckford persona, Colbert skewered Jones for his feud with Chobani and his claim that eating a bowl of chili gave him amnesia.

Evidently this didn’t sit well with Jones, who revealed his own impression of Colbert’s impression of him. Donning Colbert’s red, white, and blue jacket and a black wig, Jones announced that he is the original Tuck Buckford, and went on a truly unhinged rant that needs to be seen to be believed.

In this persona, Jones railed against the Democrats for supposedly inspiring the shooting of Republican politicians during baseball practice, including Steve Scalise (R-LA) who was badly wounded.

“Here’s another big problem I’ve got right now on Brain Fight,” Jones growled, “‘Member that congressman, Steve Scalise? He’s also been speakin’ out against child trafficking. ‘Among 4 Shot at Baseball Field,’ heh ha, well Tuck Buckford likes it. I’m a Democrat! I’m like the guy that did it!”

After railing against Bernie Sanders, whom he called a “good buddy” of the shooter, Jones (still in character) said he “does take that Super Male Vitality that Alex Jones sells.” He pulled out a small bottle and said that the only thing that settles him down is to “do what old Stephen Colbert says” and “take the Super Cuck Beta Male Vitality” to “counterbalance” his “manliness.”

And, believe it or not, it became even more bizarre when Jones pulled out a stuffed replica of President Trump. “He better keep his mouth shut for a minute,” Jones said, slapping the doll in the face, “’cause I’m not like Alex Jones. I don’t believe in political violence, that’s why I promote it continually. That’s called the oxymoron Leftist mind control system that I bought into.”

Jones then pulled out a small ax, stated that “This isn’t violent at all,” and hit the Trump doll repeatedly before tearing it apart with his bare hands. “So let’s get that straight right now that the real Tuck Buckford’s here and Alex Jones and all the rest of ’em better understand that we run this country now! Like North Korea! And I like Colbert! And I want the tens of millions he gets selling out America!”