Headlines — 6/22/27


One of Sen. Tom Cotton’s interns caught using homophobic slurs, alt-right infighting is exacerbated by rumors of sexual assault, a Senate hearing on terrorism makes no mention of white nationalists, and more.

Mediaite – Sen. Tom Cotton’s intern calls the British ‘faggots’ and Paul Ryan a ‘cuck’ in audio recording.
The Washington Post – Alt-right decries attack on bodyguard as a hate crime. Police say it wasn’t.
Wired – Welcome to the Wikipedia of the alt-right.
We Hunted the Mammoth – Alt-right fractures as former allies accuse leaders of sexually exploiting teen boys.
The Outline – How Fred Perry polos came to symbolize hate.
Hatewatch – Competing alt-right ‘free speech’ rallies reveal infighting over white nationalism.
Mic – Senate Republicans hosted a hearing on terrorism, but none of them addressed white nationalism.
The Daily Dot – Twitter has a fix for its Nazi problem — but it won’t use it.
Raw Story – Pro-KKK protesters chant ‘Trump! Trump!’ at Florida rally to change Confederate-named streets.