Adult Swim Cancels Alt-Right Sketch Comedy Show ‘Million Dollar Extreme Presents: World Peace’

It would seem that the alt-right sketch comedy show Million Dollar Extreme Presents: World Peace has been officially canceled. MDE attracted controversy from the moment it aired on Adult Swim’s programming block back in August, due both to the content of its sketches and the political views of its cast and fan base. As Splitsider reported in November, Adult Swim’s support for and promotion of the show was one of the reasons actor Brett Gelman severed ties with the network.

In a 2013 stand-up routine in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, MDE co-founder Sam Hyde told his audience that he “can’t tell ya how happy I am being in a room full of hipster faggots right now.” After that remark, some audience members left immediately. After sarcastically praising their music tastes and pointing out that, as liberals, they are no doubt very “open minded” people, Hyde showered them with scripted, homophobic abuse.

Highlights included claiming that “homosexual behavior is anti-social and not at all linked to physical desire” and blaming the spread of AIDS on Gaëtan Dugas, a “hypersexual faggot who fucked hundreds of men yearly.” (This is also false, of course.)

He ended the act by blaming positive portrayals of LGBT people in the media on the “[Zionist Occupied Government] media machine destroying the family.” The video remains on the MDE YouTube account under the title “Privileged White Male Triggers Oppressed Victims, Ban This Video Now and Block Him.”

In another routine, this one from 2015, Hyde adopted a Muslim persona and greeted his audience with As-Salaam-Alaikum — an Arabic greeting meaning “Peace be unto you.” “Who believes that we’re all just pink inside, we’re all equal?” he asked. “Raise your hand if we’re all just the same, genetically the same — come on — there’s no difference to race other than skin color. Do you believe that? Raise your hand, show of hands!”

People who refused to comply were chided as “racists” and “KKK Nazi[s]” who should be fired from their jobs. He lampooned the idea that anyone of any race or nationality can move to America and be considered as American as a white citizen, saying that “my people” have a “different culture” where people have been killing each other “for 6,000 years” but in “one or two generations” they will assimilate perfectly.

“Hello, uh, Mossad?” said Hyde, pretending to take a call. “Yes, this is ISIS. Aww shit. Yeah, I know. I let a few hate facts loose and now these people are getting POZ’d up. You’ve gotta do damage control. Look, do three or four more movies about the Holocaust and this will all blow over. Get Quentin Tarantino, he’s really good!”

His six episodes of Million Dollar Extreme Presents: World Peace didn’t offer such blatant white nationalist humor, but did include a sketch of Hyde in blackface, and included small clues like swastikas that were removed prior to airing. Additionally, neo-Nazi hacker Andrew Auernheimer — an acquaintance of Hyde’s — did some DIY advertising for the show by sending out faxes with violent, racist messages.

At this point, you can probably understand the reason why MDE, as Adult Swim’s senior director of programming noted, was “a  source of HOT, HOT debate around the office.” It’s also understandable why, again according to Splitsider, Adult Swim recently confirmed the show’s cancellation.

And, as you can imagine, the show’s racist supporters are not happy about the news. Gamergater Ethan Ralph called the cancellation “cowardly” and dismissed the “alt-rightish things” Sam Hyde has said online (just online, and not during his stand-up routines) by invoking the “crazy, anti-American shit” that “leftist actors” say:

I thought this was probably coming, but it’s still sad to see all the same. The suits over at Adult Swim have finally caved and are now confirming that Sam Hyde’s epic comedy Million Dollar Extreme Presents: World Peace will not be returning on it’s network.

. . .

The show itself wasn’t even alt-right, if you ask me. Sam Hyde, the creator and star of MDE Presents, has said some alt-rightish things online, but so what? Do you know how much crazy, anti-American shit is said by some leftist TV actors? They don’t lose their gigs. And from everything I’ve seen, the show was a pretty big ratings success.

The cancellation is nothing more than retaliation against an artist because of his political leanings. BuzzFeed led the charge on this and they should be ashamed. Of course, they aren’t, and have since moved on to shaming people over what their pastor may or may not have said in church. That’s the kind of thuggish operation they run.

An article at The Daily Stormer bore the headline “Evil Jews Get Million Dollar Extreme Taken Off Cartoon Network.” The website’s Neo-Nazi proprietor, Andrew Anglin, wrote that the “evil Jew Joe Bernstein” — a Buzzfeed writer who was critical of the show — “succeeded in his Crusade” to get MDE taken off the air, and said he was “pissed off” about it:

The evil Jew Joe Bernstein has succeeded in his Crusade to shut down Sam Hyde’s sketch comedy show, “Million Dollar Extreme Presents World Peace.”

. . .

The Jews are so lacking in self-awareness, that they were incapable of grasping the fact that Hyde’s entire career has been based on mocking their kike agenda. It took a scouring of his social media posts for the Buzzfeed Jew Joe Bernstein to figure it out – and even then he only really grasped it after Hyde posted the interview he did with him.

I’m pissed off.

Adult Swim has prided itself on being edgy, and there is no creative or even content justification for canceling this show. Bernstein admits that any “subversive” content on the show was just dog whistles, which he admits he himself would never have picked-up on. It had good ratings, and it was something different. It is clearly saying “we are not going to allow a Republican perspective on our station.”

Jews ramble on and on and on about “artistic freedom,” but you see here what they actually think of it.

. . .

Feel free to go tell these Jews what you think of their war on creative freedom.

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