Headlines — 12/10/16


A firefighter burns his own house down and blames Black Lives Matter, doxxing might become a federal crime, Trump brags about low African-American turnout, and more.

Vice – I spent a week hanging out on a men’s rights activist forum.
Crooks and Liars – Firefighter charged with arson, blames Black Lives Matter.
Salon – How the alt-right became racist, part one.
BuzzFeed News – Doxxing may become a federal crime.
Washington Post – Secret CIA assessment says Russia was trying to help Trump win White House.
NY Mag – Trump’s harassment of a teenage girl on Twitter led to death and rape threats.
Talking Points Memo – After savaging Goldman Sachs, Trump stocks his admin with Goldman alums.
Rewire – Trump’s choice for Labor Secretary tried to outlaw abortion.
Jezebel – Ohio just passed another abortion bill that’s more insidious than the ‘Heartbeat Bill.’
Think Progress – Trump gloats over blacks who did not turn out to vote.