Joe Roper Says Electing Hillary Clinton Will Doom The White Race

In a recent video, alt-right YouTube personality Joe Roper emphasized just how important the 2016 election will be for white people. Roper, a white supremacist Trump supporter, proclaimed that “the fate of our race” will be “decided” by it.

Acknowledging that this sounded “over the top,” he nonetheless predicted that a Clinton victory would cause a “major demoralization,” a “major Poz-fest,” and a “major mudvasion the likes of which we’ve never seen before.”

In other words, Roper is worried about hordes of black and brown people entering the country and believes Trump is the only way out. Although Trump is no “savior,” Hillary Clinton will be the white race’s “death knell.”

Roper was also infuriated with Julian Assange’s dud of an October surprise, remarking that he “woke up expecting to see something major” but “nothing happened really.” “[Assange] said he’s gonna be releasing stuff over the next ten weeks, which is retarded because there’s only four weeks left, or five weeks, till the election,” he complained.

Of course, since this video was posted there have been revelations about what Hillary Clinton may have said during some of her closed-door speeches to Wall Street.

The problem for Roper and the rest of the alt-right is that the nation is already transfixed on the latest Trump scandal, this time over a recording of the GOP nominee bragging about grabbing women “by the pussy.”

WikiLeaks has trolled the world. And it’s actually kinda funny, but it’s mostly disappointing, because, you know, we’re very close to the election. You know, we’re about 34 days away. Just a little more than a month, and you know the fate of our race, basically, is, you know, gonna be decided.

That might be a little over the top, but basically, you know, if Hillary wins we’re going to face a major demoralization, a major Poz-fest, and a major mudvasion the likes of which we’ve never seen before. So in that sense, yes, the fate of our people rests on this election. And not to say Trump is our savior necessarily, but Hillary is definitely, like, possibly, potentially our death knell.

Just look what [Chancellor Angela] Merkel has done in Germany, you know, single-handedly, so quickly, you know. Surely she’s following orders, but still, look what she has done. And Hillary idolizes this woman.

So, anyway, this is why we must stop Hillary. And WikiLeaks held a big conference Monday night, Tuesday morning, 4 a.m. The whole world stayed up late. I didn’t stay up late, ’cause I have a job in the morning, I can’t stay up that late. But I woke up expecting to see something major because, you know, [the election’s] a month away, it’s October, it’s time for the October surprise, right?

And then the first headline I see at Daily Stormer shows that, you know — or the live thread, the live article on Daily Stormer at least — showed that nothing happened really. That it was basically just a waste of everybody’s time, and [Julian Assange] said he’s gonna be releasing stuff over the next 10 weeks, which is retarded because there’s only four weeks left, or five weeks, till the election.

So what’s up with this 10 week crap? It’s not gonna matter. After the election none of this stuff about Hillary matters. You should…he should drop it all, honestly.