White Supremacists To Hold ‘White Lives Matter’ Rallies In Tennessee

High-profile white supremacists will hold their first large-scale post-Charlottesville rallies tomorrow in Shelbyville and Murfreesboro TN. Continue reading “White Supremacists To Hold ‘White Lives Matter’ Rallies In Tennessee”

Alt-Headlines — 10/17/17

Neo-Nazis are offended by Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus , a Proud Boys columnist compared abortion to the recent mass murder in Las Vegas, Lana Lokteff says the Left wants to gas white conservatives, and more. Continue reading “Alt-Headlines — 10/17/17”

Random Headlines — 6/09/15

Black Lives Matter Die In

Raw Story – Sean Hannity says McKinney cop had to defend himself from being ‘shanked’ by pool party teens.
Talking Points Memo – Franklin Graham pulls accounts from Wells Fargo over ad with gay couple.
Gawker – Councilman says ‘White Lives Matter’ rally wasn’t racially motivated.
ABC News – Court upholds lockup for boy who killed neo-Nazi dad.
Think Progress – Why standing against anti-Islam bigotry matters.
Salon – Mike Huckabee defends his creepy transgender locker room fixation as ‘commonsense.’
Right Wing Watch – Glenn Beck prepares to be the modern day Martin Luther King of fighting gay marriage.
Toronto Star – Pride Toronto faces controversy over application from men’s rights group to march in parade.