Meet The People Behind AFPAC, The Extreme Right’s Newest Gathering

Updated | Tomorrow night, as many right-wingers are wrapping up for the day at CPAC — the annual Conservative Political Action Conference — a very different event will be going on in nearby Washington D.C. This year, the nascent “groyper” movement will hold it’s own event: the America First Political Action Conference, or AFPAC.

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White Supremacists Boast About Crashing TPUSA Event

Updated | On October 27, 2019, the staff at Politicon — the annual non-partisan political conference held this year in Nashville, TN — were forced to deal with an unwanted presence. Continue reading “White Supremacists Boast About Crashing TPUSA Event”

Headlines — 9/30/19

Warning issued over incel violence at screenings of The Joker, TPUSA cuts ties with Ashley St. Clair after she was photographed with white nationalists, Atomwaffen Division member who planned to attack a news network is arrested, and more. Continue reading “Headlines — 9/30/19”