Random Headlines — 7/10/15

Greensboro Massacre

The New York Times – Era ends as South Carolina lowers Confederate flag.
AlterNet – South Carolina raised Confederate flag in ’61 to insult 9 black protesters — now took it down to honor 9 slain.
Salon – The Confederate flag is the American swastika and we should recoil from it in horror.
The Guardian – Georgia court to rule on whether Ku Klux Klan can join highway cleanup.
Talking Points Memo – Kentucky Governor and County Clerk in standoff over same-sex marriage.
Raw Story – Jesus camp for adults seeks to impose Christianity on the U.S. by converting 1,000 pastors into politicians.
The Daily Beast – FBI’s mistake let Dylann Roof buy a gun.
Politico – Scott Walker tweets his presidential run.

Random Headlines — 7/01/15


The Hill – ACLU sues Jindal over ‘religious freedom’ order.
The Daily Beast – Meet the one-man homophobia machine.
San Diego Free Press – Border patrol union officials are working with hate groups.
AlterNet – The War on Drugs reaches into the womb–and threatens abortion rights.
Politico – Oklahoma Supreme Court orders Ten Commandments removed from capitol.
Mother Jones – It’s not just the flags. All these schools are named after notorious racists.
National Journal – How the Internet fuels the white nationalism movement.
Media Matters – Racially-charged Texas radio host Michael Berry renews friendship with Ted Cruz.
Think Progress – Across the country, courts are blocking extreme abortion laws from taking effect.