Internet Trolls to Star in Free Speech ‘Documentary’

Silence of the Trolls

In what will surely be the greatest cinematic endeavor since The Sarkeesian Effect, a group of (mostly) well-known Internet trolls have banded together to create and star in a new SJW-bashing documentary titled Silenced: Our War on Free Speech. Continue reading “Internet Trolls to Star in Free Speech ‘Documentary’”

Help Fund My New Documentary: ‘The Snark-eesian Effect’

Lyle Lanley

Greetings, friends! In the wake of the much-maligned theatrical release of The Sarkeesian Effect, I’ve decided to make a documentary of my own, and I need your help. My new project will be a documentary film about the making of Jordan Owen and Davis Aurini’s disastrous movie, from the duo begging gullible fans for cash, to the first split up, to the subsequent reconciliation, and, in the end, the pair’s tragic meltdown and film’s release. Continue reading “Help Fund My New Documentary: ‘The Snark-eesian Effect’”

The ‘Sarkeesian Effect’ Fallout Continues in an Interview Between Davis Aurini and Matt Forney

Davis Aurini
Davis Aurini: A scowling Anton LaVey knock-off, seen here without his human skull collection.

If you’re not up to date on the messy details of the ongoing fight between Davis Aurini and Jordan Owen — co-creators of the forthcoming pro-Gamergate documentary The Sarkeesian Effect — you can read up on it over at We Hunted the Mammoth. Continue reading “The ‘Sarkeesian Effect’ Fallout Continues in an Interview Between Davis Aurini and Matt Forney”