Random Headlines — 12/15/15



Media Matters – Cruz endorser Steve Deace says Fiorina ‘goes full vagina.’
Bustle – Defunding Planned Parenthood is just another form of racism.
Talking Points Memo – Fox commenter arrested for threats against Planned Parenthood partner.
Salon – Robber calls Indian-American store clerk  ISIS ‘terrorist’ and shoots him in the face, reports say.
Bitch Media – An A-Z guide to being a Muslim ally.
The Daily Beast – DOJ: Trump’s early businesses blocked blacks.
Raw Story – Out-of-control Florida dean suspended for mocking ‘ugly’ Jews, black women, and poor students.
Think Progress – Trump justifies Muslim ban with wildly misleading claim about ISIS-themed cell phones.

Random Headlines — 12/10/15


Raw Story – Ex-Oklahoma cop Daniel Holtzclaw found guilty of raping 13 black women while on duty.
Media Matters – Fox hosts repeat lie that Muslims aren’t denouncing terrorists.
Talking Points Memo – Photos of Citadel students wearing white hoods surface online.
Think Progress – Ted Cruz endorses far-right pastor’s plan to ‘rescue’ black people from sexual immorality.
AlterNet – Gun-obsessed GOP state representative in Nevada threatens Syrian refugees: ‘I’m about to fly to Paris and shoot ’em in the head myself.’
The Atlantic – Black Lives Matter take aim at police-union contracts.

Random Headlines — Je suis un parisien

We stand with France.
We stand with France.

The Washington Post – String of Paris terrorist attacks leaves over 120 dead.
Think Progress – In response to Paris, Ted Cruz calls for airstrikes with more “tolerance for civilian casualties.”
BuzzFeed News – White supremacists are thrilled Donald Trump mentioned “Operation Wetback.”
Mother Jones – The War on Women is over — and women lost.
Refinery29 – Cop on trial for assaulting 13 black women gets all-white jury.
Media Matters – New Fox News host has track record of poor-shaming, sexism, and transphobia.
The Daily Beast – Inside Virginia’s creepy white-power wolf cult.
Hatewatch – Meet the anti-LGBT hate group that filed an amicus brief with the Alabama Supreme Court.
Mondoweiss – US and Israel try to rewrite history of UN resolution that declared Zionism is racism.
Raw Story – Utah judge reverses decision to remove baby from lesbian foster parents.

Random Headlines — 8/22/15


Salon – White people were America’s real ‘anchor babies’ — a history lesson for the Republican Party.
VICE – A myth-busting guide to all the shit Republicans say about immigration.
Think Progress – Michigan State Bar humiliated after giving award to white supremacist for racist revenge fantasy.
Bitch Media – A look at feminist forms of justice that don’t involve the police.
Raw Story – Ted Cruz viciously attacks Jimmy Carter a day after his cancer announcement.
Talking Points Memo – AZ school district putting anti-abortion stickers in science textbooks.
The New York Times – Black man shot by police in St. Louis died from bullet to the back.
Orlando Sentinel – Panel finds frat cited for UCF rape-chant video broke no rules.

Random Headlines — 7/01/15


The Hill – ACLU sues Jindal over ‘religious freedom’ order.
The Daily Beast – Meet the one-man homophobia machine.
San Diego Free Press – Border patrol union officials are working with hate groups.
AlterNet – The War on Drugs reaches into the womb–and threatens abortion rights.
Politico – Oklahoma Supreme Court orders Ten Commandments removed from capitol.
Mother Jones – It’s not just the flags. All these schools are named after notorious racists.
National Journal – How the Internet fuels the white nationalism movement.
Media Matters – Racially-charged Texas radio host Michael Berry renews friendship with Ted Cruz.
Think Progress – Across the country, courts are blocking extreme abortion laws from taking effect.

Random Headlines — 6/07/15

ACT UP Protest

Raw Story – Here are 40 reasons our jails and prisons are filled with black and poor people.
Media Matters – Leader of gun group praised by Ted Cruz said the Second Amendment was ‘designed’ for people like Obama.
The Daily Beast – Transphobic trolls are out to strip Caitlyn Jenner of her Olympic gold medal.
Think Progress – Texas cop suspended after he’s caught on video grabbing a black girl by her hair and sitting on her.
Chicago Sun-Times – West suburban college pays $132,000 to settle suit filed by anti-gay hate group.
Towleroad – New York homeless man charged with attempted murder in anti-trans subway hate crime.
Feministing – Chris Brown is the poster child for intimate partner violence.