Random Headlines — 8/03/15

Shiri Banki, Rest in Peace
Shira Banki, Rest in Peace

Slate – Shira Banki, a 16-year-old girl who was stabbed at Jerusalem’s gay pride parade, has died.
Raw Story – Woman goes on incomprehensible, racist rant after hearing Spanish at an IHOP.
Salon – The FBI built a database that can catch rapists — almost nobody uses it.
Feministing – We don’t need rich, white actresses’ comments on sex work.
Jezebel – New Ghostbusters cast visits children’s hospital and immediately attract trolls.
Media Matters – Conservative media pretend federal taxpayers foot the bill for abortions.
VICE – Shockingly, a porno featuring hijabis and niqabis is not very sensitive toward Islam.
Crooks & Liars – Why Ben Shapiro is such a twerp for inciting Zoey Tur.