Jared Taylor Imagines a White Nationalist Trump Administration

President Trump
Jared Taylor’s Great Huhwhite Hope

On the May 16, 2016 episode of This Alt-Right Life, Matt Forney interviewed longtime white nationalist leader and American Renaissance founder Jared Taylor, who expressed his optimism in a prospective Trump presidency. Continue reading “Jared Taylor Imagines a White Nationalist Trump Administration”

Roosh Valizadeh: ‘Punish’ Women Who Hate Trump by ‘Withholding Your Cock’

Roosh V
Dude, the ladies are gonna be sooo bummed out.

Plenty of skeezy characters are supporting megalomaniacal blowhard Donald Trump for president, but neomasculinist pickup artist Roosh Valizadeh is easily one of the most repulsive. Continue reading “Roosh Valizadeh: ‘Punish’ Women Who Hate Trump by ‘Withholding Your Cock’”

Feminism is a ‘Terrorist Movement’ Says Return of Kings Writer

League of Frightened Men

In an April 4, 2016 post for the perennially awful Return of Kings blog, columnist Corey Savage (whose bio states that he believes men should “honor their primal nature”) declared all of feminism to be a “the most successful terrorist movement of our time.” Continue reading “Feminism is a ‘Terrorist Movement’ Says Return of Kings Writer”

Roosh Valizadeh Breaks Up With the Alt-Right Movement

Roosh V Alt Right

After numerous articles railing against “degenerate” Jews, homosexuals, and non-white immigrants, his attendance at last year’s National Policy Institute conference, and his decision to allow white supremacist Paul Ramsey to write a guest article for Return of Kings, it seems that Roosh Valizadeh’s flirtation with the alt-right is finally over. Continue reading “Roosh Valizadeh Breaks Up With the Alt-Right Movement”

Inside Roosh Valizadeh’s Bizarre, Rambling Press Conference

Roosh Conference
This should help his image.

Following the implosion of Roosh Valizadeh’s Return of Kings international meetup, the pickup guru and “neomasculinist” cult leader staged a press conference to chastise the media for what he deemed to be lies about himself and the gatherings. Continue reading “Inside Roosh Valizadeh’s Bizarre, Rambling Press Conference”

Davis Aurini: ROK Meetup Was Cancelled by a Mob of ‘Lizard People’


Davis Aurini, a lazy Gamergate propagandist and self-described “white nationalist on paper,” is miffed over Roosh V’s decision to pull the plug on what would have been today’s Return of Kings international meet up. Continue reading “Davis Aurini: ROK Meetup Was Cancelled by a Mob of ‘Lizard People’”