Jared Taylor: Donald Trump Should ‘Wake Up Every Morning’ and Think About How to Pander to White Voters

Klan Rally

White nationalist Jared Taylor — the founder and head of American Renaissance — has previously given advice to Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. In essence, Taylor opined that Trump had become the “spokesman for white people” and that whites long for the days of Jim Crow segregation. Now, with news of Trump’s floundering poll numbers, Taylor’s advice is simply more of the same: Just keep trying to win more of the white vote. Continue reading “Jared Taylor: Donald Trump Should ‘Wake Up Every Morning’ and Think About How to Pander to White Voters”

Neo-Nazi Joe Roper Blames Dallas Police Shooting On ‘Parasitic’ Jews

Only a day after Micah Johnson — an ex-soldier and black nationalist — shot and killed five Dallas police officers during a peaceful Black Lives Matter protest, Neo-Nazi Youtube personality Joe Roper (who goes by the pseudonym “Fascist Lemming”) posted a video blaming the massacre on the “Jewish media.” Continue reading “Neo-Nazi Joe Roper Blames Dallas Police Shooting On ‘Parasitic’ Jews”

Random Headlines — 8/04/15


VICE – The organization attacking Planned Parenthood is openly connected with violent radicals, and it has potentially violated federal and state laws.
Think Progress
– Republicans repeatedly voted to use aborted fetuses for scientific research.
Raw Story – Bryan Fischer says God let kids die in Sandy Hook massacre as punishment for ‘the blood of the unborn.’
The New York Times – Jeb Bush suggests ‘women’s health issues’ are overfunded.
Talking Points Memo – 2 men open fire on soldiers at Jade Helm training site in Mississippi.
Media Matters – GOP debate moderator Megyn Kelly has a long history of offensive, out-of-touch comments about minorities.
Mother Jones – Why is it so hard for wrongfully convicted women to get justice?
Salon – Harvard Lampoon tricks Donald Trump with phony endorsement — and he’s not happy about it.
The New Yorker – An interview with Darren Wilson, the man who shot Michael Brown.