Random Headlines — 7/15/15


Washington Post – Undercover video shows Planned Parenthood official discussing fetal organs used for research.
Media Matters – How the video attacking Planned Parenthood was deceptively edited.
Think Progress – Reddit isn’t backing down on anti-harassment policy.
NJ.com – Teenage girl sues for the right to register for the draft.
Raw Story – Birther lawyer/dentist Orly Taitz has latest round of lawsuits against Obama smacked down by Texas judge.
Truthdig – Anti-Semitic attacks in France have climbed 84% in 2015, watchdog group finds.
The Atlantic – Gay marriage and the future of evangelical colleges.

Random Headlines — 7/14/15

Violence Against Women and Gays Protest

BuzzFeed News – County in Missouri to lower flags ‘below half staff’ to mourn same-sex marriage.
The New York Times – Scott Walker enters 2016 presidential race, pledging conservative agenda.
NPR – Pentagon weighs allowing transgender people to serve openly in the military.
Talking Points Memo – Rick Santorum calls for a constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage.
Wonkette – ‘Fitness and Liberty’ gun group uses rainbow flags as targets.
Raw Story – Court psychologist finds conservative clown Dinesh D’Souza ‘arrogant and intolerant.’
The American Prospect – Andrew Jackson’s dark legacy belongs to all of us — Democrat and Republican alike.
AlterNet – Four horrifying things Scott Walker did in Wisconsin that he could impose on all of America.

White Supremacist Says ‘The Left’ is ‘Hunting Down Any Dissenting Voices to Their Degenerate and Satanic Agenda’

Anti-Integration Cartoon

Matthew Heimbach, the founder of Towson University’s White Student Union and member of the white supremacist Traditionalist Youth Network, has a simple message for us: “I told you so.” Continue reading “White Supremacist Says ‘The Left’ is ‘Hunting Down Any Dissenting Voices to Their Degenerate and Satanic Agenda’”

Random Headlines — 7/10/15

Greensboro Massacre

The New York Times – Era ends as South Carolina lowers Confederate flag.
AlterNet – South Carolina raised Confederate flag in ’61 to insult 9 black protesters — now took it down to honor 9 slain.
Salon – The Confederate flag is the American swastika and we should recoil from it in horror.
The Guardian – Georgia court to rule on whether Ku Klux Klan can join highway cleanup.
Talking Points Memo – Kentucky Governor and County Clerk in standoff over same-sex marriage.
Raw Story – Jesus camp for adults seeks to impose Christianity on the U.S. by converting 1,000 pastors into politicians.
The Daily Beast – FBI’s mistake let Dylann Roof buy a gun.
Politico – Scott Walker tweets his presidential run.

Random Headlines — 6/28/15

Credit: Doug Mills/New York Times
Credit: Doug Mills/New York Times

Hatewatch – Anti-LGBT extremists react with outrage to marriage ruling.
Politico – Andrew Sullivan responds to marriage equality: ‘It is accomplished.’
Jacobin – Fights over the Confederate and Rhodesian flags give us a glimpse into the reactionary mind.
Talking Points Memo – How straight people finally realized that gay couples ‘respect’ marriage.
Raw Story – League of the South leader says John Wilkes Booth ‘took too long’ to assassinate ‘treasonous’ Lincoln.
Joe. My. God. – WorldNetDaily founder Joseph Farah says God will punish America for marriage equality.
Think Progress – Following the Charleston massacre, black churches are targeted by arsonists across the South.
The Daily Beast – ISIS unleashes its full terror potential.

Random Headlines — 6/22/15

Klan supporters brandish Confederate and Gadsden flags.
Klan supporters brandish Confederate and Gadsden flags.

Raw Story – Leader of group cited in Dylann Roof’s ‘manifesto’ donated to top Republicans — including Cruz, Paul, and Santorum.
The Root – President Obama discusses racism, and says the n-word, in a presidential podcast. (Cue conservative pearl-clutching.)
Right Wing Watch – Meet the Republican candidates who have defended the Confederate flag.
Talking Points Memo – S.C. Gov. Haley crafting plan to take down the Confederate flag.
Jacobin – Last Wednesday’s shooting in Charleston is part of a long history of white terrorism in the South.
Salon – One insane Fox News segment shows just how far conservatives will go to downplay racism.
NY Mag – Parsing clues ahead of the Supreme Court’s same-sex marriage decision.
Feministing – Court upholds Planned Parenthood’s telemedicine abortion program in Iowa.

Random Headlines — 6/14/15

Duke University "Take Back the Night" march (11/19/87)
Duke University “Take Back the Night” march (11/19/87)

New Statesmen – A male rape charity has had its funding slashed to zero. Where are all the outraged men?
We Hunted the Mammoth – Another male rage bomb — James Boulware — has gone off in Dallas.
Salon – The Bible’s racist monstrosities and how the ‘word of God’ has been — and still is — used to oppress.
The Atlantic – What Tim Hunt’s resignation should teach us about sexism in science.
Pacific Standard – ‘Religious freedom’ is a losing argument against LGBT rights — even among Christians.
BuzzFeed News – Co-author of Mike Huckabee books was accused of child molestation in two legal cases.
Raw Story – Friend of Christian couple who vowed divorce over gay marriage brutally uninvites them them from her wedding.
Talking Points Memo – Sen. Elizabeth Warren shreds Jamie Dimon’s mansplaining.