Alt-Right Radio Host Claims Jews Brought Down the Twin Towers with a Nuclear Bomb


On the September 11, 2016 episode of his Thoughts of the Day podcast, alt-right radio host ‘Grandpa Lampshade’ put a bizarre twist on an old anti-Semitic trope, accusing Mossad agents of destroying the World Trade Center with, of all things, a nuclear weapon. Continue reading “Alt-Right Radio Host Claims Jews Brought Down the Twin Towers with a Nuclear Bomb”

Alt-Right Radio Host: ‘There’s Nothing More Disgusting’ Than Politicians Kissing ‘That Stupid’ Wailing Wall

Over at Radio Aryan, alt-right radio host “Grandpa Lampshade” and Neo-Nazi Joe Roper (a.k.a. “Fascist Lemming”) ranted against the supposed stranglehold of Jewish interests on American politics. Continue reading “Alt-Right Radio Host: ‘There’s Nothing More Disgusting’ Than Politicians Kissing ‘That Stupid’ Wailing Wall”

Random Headlines — 10/26/15

Black Lives Matter Palestinians

We Hunted the Mammoth – YouTube skeptic Thunderf00t unleashes an online hate mob against a critic.
CounterPunch – Black churches are burning again.
Think Progress – After students vote to take it down, Ole Miss will no longer fly state flag.
The Electronic Intifada – Israeli settlers want New York police tactics in Jerusalem.
Media Matters – GOP politicians, right-wing media to attend global anti-LGBT hate group conference in Utah.
PinkNews – Germaine Greer says ‘lop[ping] off your dick’ and ‘wear[ing] a dress doesn’t make you a fucking woman.’
Talking Points Memo – Shocking videos show officer flip desk, drag high school girl across floor.
The Guardian – Chris Christie says Black Lives Matter is calling for the ‘murder of police.’
Indianapolis Star – FBI hate crime probe launched in Indiana University student attack.

Random Headlines — National Coming Out Day Edition

Equality Matters – Associated Press properly identifies the hate group representing Kim Davis.
The Huffington Post – Being LGBT in Southeast Asia: Stories of abuse, survival, and tremendous courage.
The Daily Beast – Tennessee apologizes to God for gay marriage.
Right Wing Watch – Theodore Shoebat says that homosexuality leads to cannibalism and that those who refuse to submit to Christianity should be killed.
The Electronic Intifada
– Are pro-Israel bullies on U.S. campuses planning dirtier tactics?
The Atlantic – A call to defend Muslims from armed protests.
Business Insider – The number of homicides of transgender people this year has reached ‘crisis’ levels.
Raw Story – Ben Carson says next Holocaust ‘can happen’ in U.S. because of gun control.
Think Progress – Fox News posts anti-Semitic screed blaming Jews for the Holocaust.

Random Headlines — 8/03/15

Shiri Banki, Rest in Peace
Shira Banki, Rest in Peace

Slate – Shira Banki, a 16-year-old girl who was stabbed at Jerusalem’s gay pride parade, has died.
Raw Story – Woman goes on incomprehensible, racist rant after hearing Spanish at an IHOP.
Salon – The FBI built a database that can catch rapists — almost nobody uses it.
Feministing – We don’t need rich, white actresses’ comments on sex work.
Jezebel – New Ghostbusters cast visits children’s hospital and immediately attract trolls.
Media Matters – Conservative media pretend federal taxpayers foot the bill for abortions.
VICE – Shockingly, a porno featuring hijabis and niqabis is not very sensitive toward Islam.
Crooks & Liars – Why Ben Shapiro is such a twerp for inciting Zoey Tur.