Heartiste Wonders Whether Mass Murderer Chris Harper-Mercer was an ‘Islamist Foot Soldier’

Chris Harper Mercer

White supremacist pickup guru Heartiste weighed in on the horrific massacre at Oregon’s Umpqua Community College last Monday, and helped spread the baseless rumor that the killer, 26-year-old Christopher Harper-Mercer, was a secret Muslim. Continue reading “Heartiste Wonders Whether Mass Murderer Chris Harper-Mercer was an ‘Islamist Foot Soldier’”

Random Headlines — 9/13/15

Trans Rights Matter

The Nation – A history of hate rock from Johnny Rebel to Dylann Roof.
Hatewatch – Liberty Counsel has a history of advising clients to defy the law.
Right Wing Watch – Mike Huckabee says gay marriage ruling is ‘illegal’ because it confuses people.
Think Progress – Rick Perry warned the GOP that they are being too racist.
Raw Story – Al Qaeda leader calls for lone wolf attacks in U.S. and urges militants to band together.
Salon – Glenn Beck’s terrifying new book is 300 pages of Islamophobia dressed up as scholarship.
Jezebel – University of Toronto under increased surveillance after commenter threatens to ‘spray bullets’ at feminists.
Truthout – Transphobia at the intersection of the military and prison industrial complexes.