It’s an Alt-Right Poetry Jam as Critics Mock Trump Supporters on Twitter

Alt-Right Protesters

Most of the time when I post I try to write from a position of taking the alternative right seriously — although with the rise of Donald Trump as a political phenomenon I believe that is our only option. When I read what the alt-right crowd writes or listen to what they say, I at least try to have an understanding of where they’re coming from. At the very least I have to at least have a basic understanding of the people I vehemently disagree with. I try to keep my snark to a minimum when I write about them. Besides, now that the alt-right is getting more and more famous (or infamous as it were), I can leave the outright mockery, for the most part, to other people. Which brings me to the fact that I noticed the hashtag #AltRightPoetry trending on Twitter this evening. Continue reading “It’s an Alt-Right Poetry Jam as Critics Mock Trump Supporters on Twitter”

What is it With White Nationalists and Human Skulls?

Paris Catacombs
Photo from the Paris Catacombs

A lot has been made of white nationalist Davis M. J. Aurini and his use of a fake human skull as a stage prop over at We Hunted the Mammoth. It’s been speculated that Aurini either has a collection of them or, judging from his videos, merely moves one from room to room.

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