Does Russia Really Have Evidence That Donald Trump Paid Sex Workers for Golden Showers?

I call it “Trumped up, trickle down.”

Earlier this evening the website BuzzFeed revealed a supposedly classified memo that provides details on just what kind of dirt Russian intel might have on our next Commander-in-Chief. And needless to say, it ain’t pretty. Continue reading “Does Russia Really Have Evidence That Donald Trump Paid Sex Workers for Golden Showers?”

Alt-Right Reacts to the Torture of a Disabled Chicago Teen by Threatening a Race War


Yesterday the Internet was rocked by a horrific video, livestreamed to Facebook, that depicted a white teenager tied up with tape over his mouth. Continue reading “Alt-Right Reacts to the Torture of a Disabled Chicago Teen by Threatening a Race War”

‘Exterminate the Rats’: White Supremacists React to the Milwaukee Uprising

Milwaukee Riot

Over the weekend, a 23-year-old black man named Sylville Smith was shot and killed by a member of the Milwaukee Police Department after allegedly fleeing a traffic stop. According to police, Smith was armed with a stolen handgun which he refused to drop, despite having been ordered to do so. And what began as a spontaneous protest of around 200 people quickly turned into a riot. Continue reading “‘Exterminate the Rats’: White Supremacists React to the Milwaukee Uprising”

Paul Ramsey Applauds Donald Trump’s Refusal to Apologize to Gold Star Family

He’s even begun copying Trump’s skin tone.

Democrats and Republicans alike were appalled by Donald Trump’s attacks on Khizr and Ghazala Khan — Muslim Americans whose son, CPT. Humayun Khan was killed in battle in 2004. Trump, aggravated that Khize Khan rightfully accused him of having “sacrificed nothing and no one” during his speech at the DNC, fired back, baselessly asserting that Ghazala wasn’t allowed to speak because of her religion. (Actually she didn’t speak at the DNC because she was too upset to do so.) Trump, characteristically, hasn’t backed down and, in fact, dug in his heels even more. Many Trump fans, including white nationalist video blogger Paul Ramsey, cheered on Trump’s embarrassing, childlike behavior. Continue reading “Paul Ramsey Applauds Donald Trump’s Refusal to Apologize to Gold Star Family”

White Nationalists Rejoice as the UK Votes for Brexit

Nigel Farage
UKIP Leader Nigel Farage

After a bare majority of the UK’s population voted in favor of Brexit — the referendum on whether Britain should remain a part of the European Union — UK Independence Party leader Nigel Farage swiftly declared victory. “We’ve fought against the multinationals, the merchant banks and big politics’ lies corruption and deceit,” Farage declared, adding that they achieved victory “without having to fire a single bullet” — perhaps purposefully omitting the savage murder of British MP Jo Cox at the hands of Thomas “Britain first!” Mair. Mr. Farage isn’t the only one celebrating Britain’s “independence” from the European Union, however. Legions of white nationalists lit up social media with calls for the dissolution of the EU and for an all-white homeland.

Continue reading “White Nationalists Rejoice as the UK Votes for Brexit”

Paul Ramsey Calls Black Lives Matter a ‘Terrorist Organization’

RamZPaul offering his unique perspective.

In a March 12, 2016 video, white nationalist vlogger Paul Ramsey discussed Donald Trump’s Chicago rally — pinning the blame for its cancellation on leftists who desire to censor “hate speech.” After perpetuating the myth that a protester who rushed the stage at a Trump rally was a “Muslim terrorist” — Trump himself retweeted a hoax video suggesting the man was linked to ISIS — Ramsey said that “the left has this idea that if they don’t like speech — which they call ‘hate speech’ — they have a right to have violence and physically intimidate and shut people down.” Continue reading “Paul Ramsey Calls Black Lives Matter a ‘Terrorist Organization’”

What is it With White Nationalists and Human Skulls?

Paris Catacombs
Photo from the Paris Catacombs

A lot has been made of white nationalist Davis M. J. Aurini and his use of a fake human skull as a stage prop over at We Hunted the Mammoth. It’s been speculated that Aurini either has a collection of them or, judging from his videos, merely moves one from room to room.

Continue reading “What is it With White Nationalists and Human Skulls?”

Far-Right Exploits Terrorist Attacks on Paris

Paris Attack 2015

Tragic news out of France today. Several gunmen and suicide bombers launched gruesome attacks in the city of Paris, killing an estimated 100 people according to the most recent news reports. Already social media is flooded with statements of solidarity. President Obama condemned the attacks “an outrageous attempt to terrorize innocent civilians” at a press conference this evening, and characterized them as not just attacks on Paris, but attacks on “all of humanity and the universal values we share.” This coordinated assault on French society is horrific and heartbreaking. I can safely say that all civilized people stand with the people of France in such a trying time. Continue reading “Far-Right Exploits Terrorist Attacks on Paris”

Paul Elam: Family Courts are a ‘Fascist Place’ and Men’s Rightsers are like Abolitionists

Paul Elam

In a video posted to his YouTube channel, men’s rights leader Paul Elam made statements characterizing the American family court system as “fascist” in nature, and likened men’s rights to the flight against chattel slavery. The video, entitled “Paul Elam on Domestic Violence and Gynocentrism”, shows Elam giving a lecture at Ryerson University. After discussing the double standards surrounding domestic violence (some, like the presumption that men cannot be victims, were actually valid), Elam took questions from the audience. One audience member went into a tirade about domestic violence laws, feminism, and fascism. Continue reading “Paul Elam: Family Courts are a ‘Fascist Place’ and Men’s Rightsers are like Abolitionists”