The 40 Most Rotten People Of 2020

Yes, this is late. Unfortunately a lot of stuff has come up between December and now that set this end-of-the-year piece back. Still, I want to commemorate 2020 — which was marked by fires, pestilence, murder hornets, quarantines, and an election that had us pulling out our hair for fucking months. So in honor of the worst year on record, I present the people who helped make it so terrible in the first place.

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Michelle Malkin Is Promoting Dangerous Nonsense About COVID-19

It seems that even after becoming a mouthpiece for the white nationalist “groyper” movement, far-right author Michelle Malkin still wasn’t content with the amount of damage she inflicted on her own career. Malkin, who has appeared on white nationalist podcasts like Red Ice’s Radio 3Fourteen, is using social media to elevate anti-vaxxers and COVID-19 truthers.

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