The 40 Most Rotten People Of 2021

I remember breathing a sigh of relief at the end of 2020. After all, a COVID vaccine was just around the corner and Trump was voted out of office. I mean, how bad could it possibly get, right? But now it’s over 380,000 COVID deaths and one attempted coup d’état later and I realize just how fucking naïve I was. So, in the spirit of another godawful year almost gone, I’d like to raise a glass and say “Fuck you” to everyone who made it so bad.

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White Nationalists Celebrate As More Republicans Parrot Their Rhetoric

On Aug. 11, 2017 a crowd of torch-wielding white nationalists marched across the University of Virginia campus, chanting slogans like “blood and soil” and “you will not replace us,” before attacking a small group of counter-demonstrators. While the organizers of that march and the next day’s “Unite the Right” rally were recently made to pay for their racist violence, the beliefs that animated them are now being spread by conservative pundits.

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