ICYMI — 5/2/17

White supremacists raise money for Andrew Anglin’s legal defense fund, American Renaissance suggests white nationalists embrace environmentalism, Matt Forney laments that his political “journalism” is no longer profitable, and more. Continue reading “ICYMI — 5/2/17”

ICYMI — 1/19/17

An alt-right blogger claims it’s fine to ostracize Mike Enoch for “race-mixing,” a Right Stuff writer calls abolitionists like John Brown “terrorists,” American Renaissance publishes the stories of its racist readers, and more. Continue reading “ICYMI — 1/19/17”

ICYMI — 1/10/17

Several white nationalists were doxxed by the denizens of 8chan, American Renaissance bestows Glenn Beck with a sarcastic award, The Daily Stormer worries about transgender Beauty and the Beast dolls, and more. Continue reading “ICYMI — 1/10/17”

ICYMI — 12/25/16

Mike Enoch joins the Foundation for the Marketplace of Ideas, a writer for American Renaissance writes about how black students ruin schools, Return of Kings calls for a boycott of women’s tennis, and more. Continue reading “ICYMI — 12/25/16”

ICYMI — 12/03/16

Return of Kings website compares black and brown student protesters to segregationists, Vox Day complains about “whitefacing and mudsharking,” American Renaissance is accused of being a mouthpiece for Russian propagandists, and more. Continue reading “ICYMI — 12/03/16”

ICYMI — 11/29/16


The Right Stuff tells its audience how to “red pill your woman,” white nationalists are up-in-arms over the potential doxxing of Millennial Woes, Andrew Anglin wants to sue the SPLC, and more. Continue reading “ICYMI — 11/29/16”