ICYMI — 12/25/16


Mike Enoch joins the Foundation for the Marketplace of Ideas, a writer for American Renaissance  writes about how black students ruin schools, Return of Kings calls for a boycott of women’s tennis, and more. Continue reading “ICYMI — 12/25/16”

Vox Day: British TV Promotes ‘Mudsharking’

Spiny Dogfish
The Spiny Dogfish, commonly known as a mudshark. Not what Vox Day is talking about.

In a January 18th, 2016 post on his secondary blog Alpha Game, blogger/author Vox Day (a.k.a. Theodore Beale) wrote a post about black actor Idris Elba, who decried the lack of opportunities for black actors on British television. Continue reading “Vox Day: British TV Promotes ‘Mudsharking’”