Australian Neo-Nazis Are Livestreaming Their Propaganda To YouTube

Since March, a pair of Australian Neo-Nazis have been livestreaming their racist propaganda to YouTube. While YouTube’s terms of service prohibit content that promotes “violence or hatred against individuals or groups,” Joel Davis and Blair Cottrell have used their Joel & Blair Show to promote white supremacist beliefs, glorify Adolf Hitler, and defend genocide.

Joel Davis has also used the show to interview Thomas Sewell, a Neo-Nazi leader and self-described “white supremacist” with ties to the man responsible for gunning down 51 Muslims in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Their joint channel currently has 1.34 thousand followers, and their eight livestreams have gotten anywhere between 2.7 thousand and 5.7 thousand views according to publicly available information.

Blair Cottrell is a longtime Neo-Nazi who once called for paintings of Adolf Hitler to be placed in every Australian classroom and for copies of his autobiography, Mein Kampf, to be distributed to schoolchildren. He also has a lengthy rap sheet that includes stalking, arson, and burglary.

In 2015 Cottrell became the chairman of United Patriots Front, an Australian white supremacist group. In 2019 Cottrell admitted that Brenton Tarrant, the white supremacist terrorist who murdered 51 Muslims in two Christchurch, New Zealand mosques that year, donated to the UPF.

Tarrant was also active on the UPF’s Facebook page, where he referred to Cottrell as “Emperor Blair” and threatened to kill a Melbourne man who criticized the UPF.

During an Apr. 6, 2023 livestream of the Joel & Blair Show, Cottrell told Davis that racism is actually beneficial, and that most white people are, at the very least, racist in private. “I’ve never met a white person that actually wasn’t racist,” Cottrell said, using as an example a woman he once dated who worked for the local government and was “racist as fuck.”

“It’s natural to be racist, and it’s not a negative thing,” he explained. “Like I’ve spoke about this before. It’s a basic expression of the collective instinct for self-preservation, right? Or collective self-preservation.”

Cottrell added that racism is a “very natural thing” and condemned how racism has been “pathologized.” “We’ve literally been conditioned into rejecting an aspect of our own nature,” he complained. “And why? So we can fit into this slave society? So we can be treated like numbers on a screen?”

On the Apr. 20, 2023 episode of their show, Davis and Cottrell celebrated the 134th birthday of Adolf Hitler and discussed what they considered the pro-Nazi themes in the massively popular anime Attack on Titan – which Cottrell has been binging.

“Like [Attack on Titan’s] full of mystery, very cool looking uniforms, military-type structures, the kind of honor and sacrifice that goes along with [the] military,” Cottrell said. “Just like National Socialist Germany as well there’s plenty of racial oppression and racial awareness as well.”

He also said that “you can tell that the author” of Attack on Titan is an “appreciator of National Socialist Germany, like most Japanese authors tend to be.”

Attack on Titan has been criticized for its far-right, pro-military themes, and the series’ creator based one character on a Japanese general who committed war crimes against China and Korea.

After a viewer wished Adolf Hitler a “happy birthday” in YouTube’s Live Chat, Cottrell speculated that the Nazi leader was a Taurus – at least according to “our interpretations of astrology these days.” Davis likewise wished Hitler – whom he affectionally called “uncle” – a happy birthday.

During that same episode, while discussing a proposed referendum to create an Indigenous “Voice to Parliament” to advise lawmakers, Cottrell told viewers that they shouldn’t care how Aboriginal Australians were treated in the past.

“[W]hen someone gives you the whole ‘Oh, white people slaughtered Aboriginals, and white people are being so racist to Aboriginals, and we committed genocide against Aboriginals’ – you know the coolest response to that? I don’t give a fuck,” Cottrell said.

Cottrell also said he was “proud” that he “come[s] from a people that not only conquered this land, but wiped away anything that was in the way, even if that was Aboriginal people.”

Davis agreed with Cottrell and claimed that “Australia is a great country because white people built it, and because it’s full of white people.” He added that if Indians or Chinese people “conquered” Australia, “it would suck compared to what we’ve built.

And on May 11, 2023, Joel Davis had Neo-Nazi Thomas Sewell as a guest on the show. Sewell founded the Lads Society, a white supremacist fight club, and, in 2017, tried to recruit Brenton Tarrant into its ranks. Sewell currently heads the National Socialist Network – a Neo-Nazi group.

In a secret recording released in 2021, Sewell can be heard praising Tarrant and comparing him to civil rights leader Nelson Mandela. “He’ll be in [prison] until we win the revolution,” Sewell told his followers. “Like Nelson Mandela. He’s got until we win. He doesn’t come out until then.”

Sewell and the NSN made headlines this year for attending a “Let Women Speak” rally in Victoria, Australia organized by anti-trans activist Kellie-Jay Keen, who goes by the stage name “Posie Parker.”

On the Joel & Blair Show, Sewell spread the antisemitic conspiracy theory that Jewish people are bringing non-white immigrants into Australia in order to commit “white genocide.”

Sewell said that “our nation is either becoming more white or it’s becoming more brown,” and he said that he and other white supremacists should “explicitly describe the process of what’s happening as more accurately reflecting white genocide.”

He added that they should refer to multiculturalism as the “brown Australia policy” — a reference to a 2009 comment by then-Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, who said he believed in a “big Australia” that could support a larger population.

Sewell also said that “nobody is supporting this policy except big business because they can make more money, and the Jews, it’s in their interests to destabilize the white population because they’re trying to genocide us.”

In his manifesto, Brenton Tarrant cited his belief in the “white genocide” or “Great Replacement” conspiracy theory as the reason for his terrorist attacks.

Sewell explained his ideology in explicit detail, telling Davis that he considers himself a “white supremacist” because of his fervent belief that white people are “superior” to non-white people.

“My worldview is about exclusion. I am a white supremacist. I believe that we have to be separate not just because we are different. I believe that we’re superior,” he told Davis. He added that this doesn’t mean he thinks white people should “rule over” non-white people, but that he wants them expelled from Australia.

Sewell also stated that once they take over Australia he would like to travel abroad in search of “extra living space” for white people.

“I don’t believe in colonization in the sense of occupying shared territory and ruling over them. I believe in colonization as in, absolutely, when we’ve sorted Australia out I’m the first one that’s gonna be on the boat or the plane to find extra living space once we’ve taken this one back,” he declared.

“And I think we’re gonna start with Rhodesia. So I wanna build Rhodesia back again.”

Rhodesia is a former British colony in southern Africa that declared its independence in 1965 in order to maintain minority-white rule. On Apr. 18, 1980, Rhodesia became the independent nation of Zimbabwe, and today many white supremacists obsess over returning the nation to white rule.

In addition to the channel for the Joel & Blair Show, Blair Cottrell appears to have two other personal YouTube channels: @blaircottrell6711 and @blaircottrell677. Joel Davis also has a separate, personal YouTube channel: @joeldavisvideos.