White Nationalist Nick Fuentes Promotes ‘Teen Pregnancies’ And Suggests He Wants A ’16-Year-Old Bride’

During a May 16, 2023 livestream on his Cozy.TV platform, Holocaust-denying white nationalist Nick Fuentes condemned divorce, encouraged unsafe sex and teen pregnancies, and suggested that men like himself should set out to find a “16-year-old bride.”

Fuentes made the comments after a monologue attacking Republican lawmaker Lauren Boebert, who just announced that she and her husband had filed for divorce.

“So, no divorce, no abortion, no contraceptives, no birth control. None of it,” Fuentes told his audience. “Say yes to teenagers getting married. Say yes to teenage pregnancies. Say yes to toxic masculinity, rape culture, all that. Say no to contraceptives, abortion, birth control, divorce.”

Fuentes also encouraged viewers to practice unsafe sex, and compared the use of condoms to getting a vasectomy.

“Using a condom is like a mini vasectomy,” Fuentes claimed. “Even if I was out there going out and banging a bunch of sluts hardcore, I wouldn’t be using a condom. … I know there’s a risk of pregnancy. But that’s like a mini vasectomy. Every time you use a condom it’s like a mini vasectomy.”

“It’s like an emasculating — it’s like you’re not even having sex with a woman, it’s like you’re having sex with a little slip of paper,” he continued. “It’s like you’re having sex with a sock in a woman. Not to be vulgar, but it’s what it is. And that’s gross and emasculating and no man should do that.”

Fuentes then said that men who use condoms might as well be castrating themselves.

“I’m against every aspect of it. To me it’s literally all the same. A condom, a vasectomy — you might as well castrate yourself,” he declared. “You might as well cut off your penis and balls. That’s all like a mini castration. And birth control and abortion — that’s like a hysterectomy. That’s like a mini hysterectomy.”

Later in his increasingly disturbed rant, Fuentes said that people having unprotected sex is the most “pro-sex position.” He also encouraged viewers to seek 16-year-old girls to marry and suggested he was looking for that as well.

“‘Cause all these liberals are like ‘We’ve gotta have sex with 30-year-old women.’ What do you mean?” he asked. “30 years old they’re barely even fertile and they’re aged like milk. That’s like leaving milk out and it’s like, you know it kinda tastes a little funny but it’s probably fine? It’s like the same thing.”

Continuing with his creepy and misogynistic milk metaphor, Fuentes added that he wants “milk fresh from the udder.”

“Same thing goes with women. I don’t want to turn 30 and find some 20-year-old, 29-year-old woman that I have something in common with. And it’s like, ‘Hey, properly aged! Like wine,'” Fuentes said. “Women don’t age like wine, they age like milk.”

So what, exactly is Fuentes looking for if not someone his own age?

As he explained, “When women are young they’re kinda like fun, when they get old without a man they just get sort of like crazy and bitchy. So, here I am, like, ‘Hey listen, guys, you turn 21, you find yourself a 16-year-old bride, you go crazy. You go crazy, no condoms, no snips, no abortions, no pills, no none of that.”