‘Go The Fuck Home’: White Nationalist Jason Köhne Has An Anti-Migrant Meltdown

During a May 14, 2023 livestream, white nationalist YouTube personality Jason Köhne angrily railed against migrants crossing the Southern border. During a long-winded rant, Köhne referred to South and Central American nations as “shitholes,” and called migrant crossings an attack on white people and their constitutional rights.

Like many on the far-right, Köhne was apparently incensed by the expiration of Title 42 — a section of the U.S. Code dealing with public health that was invoked by the Trump administration during the COVID-19 pandemic in order to expel migrants and asylum-seekers.

Although border crossings along the Southern border have reportedly fallen by 50% after the expiration of Title 42, Köhne played footage of migrants in El Paso and launched into an angry tirade.

He directed his ire at “misled” conservatives who rationalize their anti-immigrant rhetoric by citing the so-called “brain drain” — that is, the problem that occurs when highly educated people leave their homelands and immigrate elsewhere.

Köhne said that the “brain drain” is a “truth,” but insisted that the issue wasn’t that foreign countries would have to make due with fewer educated or skilled individuals. Instead, he said the problem is that everyone else would follow and “escape to America.”

“So this creates a domino effect of — by the brain drain in El Salvador, by the brain drain in any of these places you cause those places to become even worse shitholes,” Köhne said.

“And by the way, they are shitholes. If I have to take their word that they live in a shithole and they can’t live there anymore and so therefore they have to be allowed in the United States, well then I’m going to agree with them and say those countries are shitholes then, right?”

And, in one of the grossest statements I’ve ever heard this man say, he added, “Time to listen to the white guy in the white shirt with the red tie, with a big brain, and other things that some women can’t even take! Time to listen to that guy.” (Note: I am so sorry for putting that image in your heads.)

Köhne then explained that migration from South and Central American countries is a “war” being waged against the “white population of America” because immigrants will bring their own cultures and traditions here.

“You can say all you want that there are no differences among the races and peoples of man,” he explained. “You can go ahead and say that all you want. But at the end of the day you have this phenomenon that you have to grapple with. That phenomenon is the different cultures that are manifested by different peoples on planet Earth.”

That is why, Köhne claimed, “you see Western civilization everywhere you see white people.”

He also said that the presence of multiple cultures within a single country will inevitably lead to violent conflict — a longstanding white nationalist belief.

“As [migrants’] numbers increase, as they get this confidence, as they get this numerical courage, they will be less inclined to imitate our norms which — we’re told even by anti-whites — is uncomfortable for them,” Köhne fumed.

“Uncomfortable for them to have to express our norms and live in our environments, that they have to make it their own. I agree. They have to make it their own. The problem is this is mine! This is ours! Go the fuck home! … If you’re so desperate to have a civilization like we build in the West, we will teach you. Go home! You are not welcome!”

And, in a desperate attempt to appeal to “misled conservatives” and “patriots,” Köhne warned that once male migrants become U.S. citizens they will join the military — which will put them on a fast track to one day confiscating your guns in the service of “anti-white oligarchs.” No, seriously.

“And you know what they will have no problem doing?” he asked. “You know what happens in the countries where these wonderful people come from? … Oh, they’ve got no problem going to the homes of people the government doesn’t like, kicking the doors in, busting through the windows, killing, bashing skulls in, taking your right to self-defense away.”

“No problem. They’re not gonna feel any loyalty to the norm of the West, of the white race, manifested in the United States,” he predicted. “The idea of the right to self-defense given us by our Creator or given us by nature, the fact of our birth. They don’t give a shit about that. They don’t create any of that.”