Right-Wing Pundit Has Egg On Her Face After Blaming Texas Mall Shooting On ‘Tolerance’ And ‘Open Borders’

Over the weekend a gunman opened fire on an outdoor mall in Allen, TX, killing 8 people before being killed by a police officer. Shortly after the shooting there were reports that the gunman, identified as 33-year-old Mauricio Garcia, espoused white supremacist beliefs and wore a RWDS (“Right Wing Death Squad”) patch.

Once the contents of Garcia’s social media accounts became public, it became clear that Garcia was an unabashed Neo-Nazi who showed off his swastika and SS lightning bolt tattoos, denigrated women, and celebrated mass shootings:

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However, rather than wait for the evidence of the gunman’s beliefs, many right-wing pundits rushed to proclaim that Garcia, a Latino man, couldn’t possibly be a white supremacist.

Just take Anna Perez, host of the aptly named Wrongthink, for example. In a tirade that damn well might have set the world record for how fast someone can be proven wrong, Perez not only claimed the shooter was actually a Mexican gang member, she also pinned the blame for the shooting on “tolerance” and “open borders.”

“We’re gonna be talking about the shooting that just happened in Texas, and obviously the media tried to spin it and talk about how the shooter was a white supremacist, a Neo-Nazi, which we all knew was B.S. as soon as we saw his name,” she said at the outset of the show.

Perez claimed that “the Left” and “the media” are “trying to spin this” so that “we can’t blame it on the actual issue that we’re facing right now, which is the overwhelming ‘tolerance’ that we have towards groups that we should never have been this tolerant of to begin with.”

She went on to connect the expiration of Title 42 — a public health law invoked during the Trump administration in order to expel migrants under the guise of stopping the spread of COVID-19 — to the Allen shooting, warning that “there are many more of him where he came from.”

“In fact, about a million more,” she said before backtracking and adding that she’s “not going to assume that every single person about to cross this border is going to be as terrible as him.” Still, she said, there are “thousands of people that are about to walk through this border that we have no clue who they are.”

There is, of course, no evidence that Mauricio Garcia was an undocumented immigrant — or an immigrant of any kind.

Perez showed the booking photo of a different Mauricio Garcia, who was two years older than the gunman, in order to mock claims that he could be a white supremacist. She also shared a partial photo of the actual gunman’s dead body. In the latter photo a tattoo can be seen on Garcia’s hand but it is difficult to ascertain what it is.

Perez, without any proof, told viewers that his tattoo meant he was affiliated with a Hispanic gang called Puro Tango Blast. A photo of a close-up of Garcia’s hand revealed that the tattoo actually appears to be the logo for the city of Dallas, TX.

“First we’re told he’s a white supremacist, that he’s connected to right-wing extremism, that he’s a Neo-Nazi, and then we look at his face and we say ‘Well he’s clearly not white. He’s Mexican or some sort of Hispanic nationality,'” Perez said. “Okay, then we also look at his name, there’s that evidence on top of that.”

Then, with the cadence of Billy Madison explaining a children’s book, Perez connected the nonexistent dots to prove that left-wing policies caused the massacre.

“And then we see this gang tattoo, this Mexican — emphasis on Mexican — gang tattoo, and it becomes very clear that likely this man was connected to a gang. Gangs are connected to cartels. Cartels get through the border, because it is wide open. So then what are we there left to conclude? Oh, wait, this guy was able to probably be in this country thanks to leftist polices.”

To further illustrate her point, Perez highlighted a tweet by her “good friend” Jon Miller — an ex-BlazeTV host-turned antisemite and white nationalist ally — whom she says “inspired this episode.” In his tweet, Miller blamed “open” borders and gender affirming care for recent mass shootings and referenced the number of homicides committed by Black men.

He concluded that, “Only a fundamentally dishonest press would spin this all to mean White Supremacy is the issue.”

“He’s absolutely right,” Perez declared. “White supremacy is not the real problem, the real threat to our safety and sovereignty in this country. The real threat is our ‘tolerance’ for people who A) shouldn’t be here to begin with or B) mentally ill.”