Racist Livestreamer Matt Evans: ‘We Need This Islamo-Fascist, Christian Nationalist Merger’

During a May 7, 2023 livestream, far-right Internet personality Matt Evans offered praise to Islamic hardliners for their treatment of women, proposed that Christian nationalists join forces with “Islamo-fascists” to fight against Jews, and indicated that he wanted a Christian version of the Taliban.

Evans, a self-proclaimed “loser” and “Internet racist livestreamer” who goes by the pseudonym “Beardson Beardly,” made the remarks during and after an interview with misogynistic content creator Nico Kenn De Balinthazy — better known as “Sneako.” The interview between Evans and De Balinthazy was geared toward finding common political ground.

“What do you think about the women question?” De Balinthazy asked at one point.

“You guys got it right,” Evans said. “Like I’m totally with you on the woman question. That’s why I think we need this Islamo-fascist, Christian nationalist merger. ‘Cause we do have a lot in common, man. Women — the burqas, I’m totally all for it. The burqas are based. I’m totally full burqa mode. That’s awesome.”

De Balinthazy contrasted this with the “MAGA women on Twitter” whom he believes dress immodestly.

He added that “another reason” he “gravitated towards Islam” was that Muslims “really got it right in promoting masculinity and femininity,” which he called the “antidote to a lot of the problems that we are seeing in the West” such as the “LGBT infiltration into all the schools.”

Later in the interview Evans conceded that “the West is in a really bad state” but told De Balinthazy that “if the West falls, where do you think all of this degeneracy’s gonna go to? It’s not just gonna go away. It’s gonna come to the Middle East.”

De Balinthazy replied that “if they really tried to go and infiltrate the Middle East, you have organizations like the Taliban, for example,” adding that “the Taliban is what America First wants to be” — referencing the white, Christian nationalist movement Evans is an adherent of. “That’s what the Christian nationalism move[ment] — you guys want to be the Taliban,” De Balinthazy said as Evans smiled and nodded.

De Balinthazy then called the Christian nationalist movement a “complete joke” and asked who was “in charge” of it. Evans claimed that the “greatest leader” of Christian nationalism would be his friend, Holocaust-denying white nationalist Nick Fuentes.

“You’re essentially comparing the Taliban to Nick Fuentes?” De Balinthazy asked incredulously. “That’s the closest thing you have to the Taliban is a 24-year-old streamer?”

After the interview ended, Evans spent the rest of his livestream interacting with his viewers and continuing to discuss the possibility of an alliance between far-right Muslims and Christians.

“And obviously there’s always gonna be big theological differences that we have with the Muslim community, but I would like to see a little unity at the very least because who’s attacking both of us? The Jews,” he told his audience. Evans claimed that if Islam becomes the “dominant religion,” then “they’re just gonna start attacking you as hard as they’re attacking us.”

He also spread the antisemitic conspiracy theory that Israel was behind the 9/11 attacks.

“Ultimately Muslims attacking Christians, who does that benefit the most? Jewish people,” he claimed. “And Christians attacking Muslims. I mean that’s literally what 9/11 was about, right? There was like the Israeli shuffle there, where they do 9/11 and they’re like ‘It was Osama! It was the Muslims!'”

After admitting that he does want to “convert everybody in the world” to Christianity, Evans summed up his views by referencing a liberal bumper sticker slogan.

“You know, like that gay-ass ‘Coexist’ bumper sticker that you see on the back of some fuckin’ vegan, single mom who’s shoppin’ at a Whole Foods and dyes her hair pink and has armpit hair or whatever. That’s what I want though, unironically,” Evans said.

“Maybe remove the Star of David off of the bumper sticker.”