Headlines — 11/29/21

Classmates of Poway synagogue shooter raised concerns about him before attack, Steve Bannon is exploiting Google ads to monetize extremism, Jack Dorsey steps down as CEO of Twitter, and more.

The San Diego Union-Tribune – College classmates raised concerns about Poway synagogue shooter before 2019 attack.
Media Matters – Kenosha shooting was the inevitable result after the NRA’s twisted self-defense rhetoric.
VICE News – How the far-right is radicalizing anti-vaxxers.
Talking Points Memo – How Steve Bannon has exploited Google ads to monetize extremism.
NBC News – Jack Dorsey steps down as Twitter CEO.
HuffPost – ‘Fight for Trump!’: The FBI has identified ‘Swedish Scarf,’ a most wanted Capitol rioter.
BuzzFeed News – A Capitol riot trial is slowly starting to take shape.
Mother Jones – Lauren Boebert doubles down on her anti-Muslim bigotry.