James Hake Agrees With Neo-Nazi Fugitive That ‘Forced Integration’ Is Wrong

Neo-Nazi dirtbag Robert “Azzmador” Ray may be on the run from law enforcement, but that hasn’t stopped him from recording the occasional podcast or calling into far-right online talk shows. During the Nov. 16, 2021 episode of The Hake Report, Ray expressed support for segregation and called the integration of neighborhoods a form of “genocide” against white people.

In 2018 Ray was charged with a felony for using pepper spray against counter-protesters at the white supremacist “Unite the Right” rally. Ray had previously boasted of having “gassed half a dozen kikes.” Ray and several other high-profile “Unite the Right” organizers were named as defendants in a landmark civil suit over the violence that took place during that rally.

Today a jury found that Ray and other “Unite the Right” organizers violated a Virginia state conspiracy law, and awarded roughly $25 million in damages.

During The Hake Report, Ray called in to discuss comments made by MSNBC host Joy Reid about how racism influenced America’s infrastructure. Reid noted that New York City planner Robert Moses decided to build bridges too low for buses to pass through in order to “prevent Black New Yorkers and Puerto Rican New Yorkers from having access to Jones Beach State Park.”

She added that Moses “bulldoz[ed] Black, Jewish and Puerto Rican homes for his Cross-Bronx Expressway.”

Ray said he is “pro racist roads and bridges” and called Jim Crow laws “excellent.” Ray claimed that “if you believe in the principles that America was founded on, then you are pro-segregation, because all that means is — in the most basic sense — is freedom of association.” Hake, himself a racist and Confederate apologist, agreed and said that “forced integration is evil.”

Ray told Hake that the “greatest theft of wealth and resources from any particular demographic group that you’ve ever seen anywhere is the theft of wealth and resources from white America following desegregation and forced integration.”

He explained that many real estate agents engaged in “blockbusting” — encouraging white homeowners to sell at below-market rates by convincing them that racial minorities were moving into their neighborhoods. He neglected to mention that this was often paired with the practice of redlining, in which the FHA refused to insure mortgages in and around neighborhoods with Black populations.

Ray said he had a “personal experience” with blockbusting when he was young. He said that he grew up in an all-white, “monocultural” neighborhood, but that when a Black family bought a home there in 1976 his father promptly sold their house and moved elsewhere. He told Hake that it had become a “complete ghetto” in a few years.

Ray complained that “all that wealth bein’ lost, all that wealth that should be getting transferred from generation to generation” was being used by white people to instead move and build suburbs to live in. And he blamed this on the “idea that every race has some kind of an unalienable right to have access to members of other races who don’t want to associate with them.”

Hake nodded in agreement and called it a “scam” and “so destructive.”

Ray also insisted that bringing Black residents into white neighborhoods was therefore a form of genocide against white people. After quoting from the U.N.’s definition of genocide, the Neo-Nazi podcaster explained that “this kind of stuff is part of two of the … aspects or indicators that acts are being committed with intent to destroy in whole or in part” a racial group.

“Now, you could say that when they ended segregation in the ’60s that they didn’t know — that wasn’t the intent — but they have kept enforcing it and kept enforcing it and kept enforcing it,” Ray said. “You even had the Obama administration and the Biden administration paying for ghetto single mothers to bring their broods into nice neighborhoods.”

Although Ray did not specify which policy he was referring to, his remarks could have been in reference to HUD’s 2015 Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing Rule which, as noted by the Washington Post, “require[d] cities and towns all over the country to scrutinize their housing patterns for racial bias and to publicly report, every three to five years, the results.”

This rule was scrapped by President Trump but revived by the Biden administration.

“And that creates a condition, right there — in a place where whites have lived forever, or where they had just spent a whole bunch of money to have a safe place and safe schools and all that for their kids to live — it creates conditions calculated to bring about their physical destruction in whole or in part and also ‘d) imposing measures to prevent births within the group,'” Ray said.