Headlines — 11/19/21

Kyle Rittenhouse is acquitted on all charges, Neo-Nazis who plotted to murder antifa activist sentenced to prison, white nationalist “Baked Alaska” faces new charges, and more.

HuffPost – Kyle Rittenhouse found not guilty on all charges in murder trial.
Media Matters – On YouTube, Steven Crowder encourages people to take up arms against protesters: “It’s not only your right. It needs to be encouraged.”
VICE News – Neo-Nazis who plotted to kill antifa activist sentenced to prison.
BuzzFeed News – Experts are warning that Kyle Rittenhouse’s acquittal might inspire more far-right extremist violence.
Gawker – Kyle Rittenhouse is an American: Our country’s legal history renders the teen’s case familiar if not inevitable.
The Daily Beast – The ugly new charges against Jan. 6 rioter ‘Baked Alaska.’
Mediaite – ‘Typical bullshit’: Fox News host melts down when asked about Fox’s vaccine policy and whether Trump lost in 2020.