Headlines — 11/16/21

Tucker Carlson’s 1/6 “documentary” is fascist propaganda, Moms for Liberty has deep ties to anti-civil rights movement, an Infowars director bought a domain named after the Christchurch shooter, and more.

HuffPost – Tucker Carlson’s Jan. 6 ‘documentary’ is his most nakedly fascist piece of propaganda yet.
Media Matters – Banning books about Martin Luther King Jr. and opposing school district desegregation efforts: Inside Moms for Liberty’s deep ties to the anti-civil rights movement.
Right Wing Watch – New North Carolina law makes it illegal to teach about systemic racism.
Hatewatch – Infowars director bought domain named after terrorist.
The Daily Beast – Michigan GOP official hosted podcast with white nationalist.
VICE News – Mike Lindell and Mike Flynn just sang the National Anthem with Jan. 6 prisoners.