Headlines — 11/10/21

Neo-Nazis try hijacking the “Unite the Right” trial, Trump supporters who threatened election officials are unmasked, Tucker Carlson mocks the blind and visually impaired, and more.

VICE News – Neo-Nazis are trying to hijack the ‘Unite the Right’ trial and turn it into a horrible podcast.
The Bulwark – Notes on an authoritarian conspiracy: Inside the Claremont Institute’s “79 Days to Inauguration” report.
Reuters – Reuters unmasks Trump supporters who terrified U.S. election officials.
The Daily Beast – MAGA’s new shock jock is a bounty hunter with a troubled past.
Media Matters – Tucker Carlson mocks blind and visually impaired people while attacking inclusive policy.
The Intercept – A right-wing brawler asked a court to protect him from an antifascist’s tweets.
Talking Points Memo – Trump’s circle is full of men accused of threatening behavior, harassment, violence.