Jason Köhne: No One Has ‘Honored The People They’ve Conquered’ As White People Have

In an Aug. 29, 2021 YouTube livestream, white nationalist vlogger Jason Köhne spewed racist invective at Native Americans while reading from a Science News article. During the livestream Köhne insisted that white people have consistently “honored the people they’ve conquered.” He also told Native Americans to stop wearing sneakers and instead “Go back to your moccasins.”

Köhne read from the article about the racist origins of certain plant and animal names — such as the “gypsy moth.” The article focused, in part, on the so-called “Scott’s oriole,” which was named for Winfield Scott, a U.S. military commander whose soldiers forcibly removed Cherokees during the Trail of Tears.

The article quoted Stephen Hampton, a Native American birder whose ancestors were displaced by Scott, who said that naming a bird after him “is just adding to the erasure [of the Trail of Tears] by putting another layer over it.”

Köhne omitted explicit references to the Trail of Tears as he read from it, and instead mocked Hampton as a “little anti-white midget stick” and and accused him of wanting to “harm” white people. Köhne also claimed that if white people had not named the Scott’s oriole, no one else would have.

“It’s not just going to be the statue of the Southern general, or something like this of this nature,” he said. “Or the Founding Father who had slaves at a time that the whole world had [slaves]. It’s not just gonna be that. It’s going to be the name of this Scott’s oriole that’s gonna have to go to. Why? Because white people had something to do with it.”

“Well of course we did,” he added. “Of course. Because no one else would name it. It would just be ‘bird’ — or whatever their word is for that.”

Köhne then continued to read from the article, pausing to instruct his viewers to refrain from using the term “Native American” and instead say “American Indian.” He explained that using the term “Native American” deprives white people of their “rightful inheritance to the United States of America or to Canada.”

Responding to Hampton’s quote about the “erasure” of the Trail of Tears, Köhne claimed that it was Hampton who wanted to “take a big ole eraser, with maybe some feathers in the top of it” and “white erase everything that [white people] do in our civilization.”

“And by the way, no people on planet Earth has so honored the people they’ve conquered as Westernkind,” he continued, using a euphemism for white people. “Everybody else erases them — the people they conquer — from history. We have left all over America — everything that was named by American Indians still has the names they gave them.”

After going on a tangent about another Science News article from 2014 about the history of color differences between male and female birds (which Köhne denounced as “misandrist”), he returned to the original piece, which noted that while Hampton relocated to Washington and no longer sees the Scott’s oriole, he “still can’t escape these types of names.”

“Yeah, how about everything. You’re speaking in English, jackass!” Köhne said angrily. “How about the mathematics you’re using, jackass? How about the car you drive? How about the motorcycle you use? How about every time I see these American Indians in their ‘ethnic garb,’ they’re wearing sneakers. … Go back to your moccasins.”