Nick Fuentes Claims Opposition To ‘Race-Mixing’ Is A ‘Completely Normal Thing’ And That ‘Jews Run The Media’

On the July 28, 2021 episode of America First, white nationalist podcaster Nick Fuentes went on yet another angry rant about being banned from social media and CPAC. During the tirade, prompted by a recent article about his “White Boy Summer” Spotify playlist, Fuentes made a number of racist comments.

Fuentes read aloud from the article — which was published on Right Wing Watch and noted that he was using Spotify and Apple Music to “further his white nationalist agenda” — and a Tweet by Digital Forensic Research Lab’s Jared Holt pointing out that people could glean the real names of subscribers to Fuentes’ playlist.

“So this is where we are. This is where we are as a country. And think about how ridiculous all of it is,” Fuentes complained.

“I know everybody knows my story who watches this show for the most part: Banned from everything, put on the no-fly list, under FBI investigation, banned from CPAC, they can’t say my name at Fox News, you can’t take a picture with me, I can’t make a playlist on Spotify, right? What have I done that’s so bad?”

Fuentes said that he’s never committed or been charged with a crime, threatened anyone, or advocated violence. And he insisted that whatever “negativity” his critics associate with his show is “not real” — a claim he then immediately contradicted.

“What is so bad that I’ve ever said?” he asked. “I’m against race-mixing? I don’t want my wife to have dated a Black guy? A completely normal thing by the way. That’s one of the worst things: ‘He’s against interracial marriage.’ Yeah, literally everybody was like 30 years ago, 20 years ago. I would imagine most people are today, they just wouldn’t say it.”

He then asked rhetorically if it was because he believes “3 million immigrants per year is insane,” or because he talks “about how Black people are doing all the crime — which they are.” “‘Oh they don’t do all of it!’ Oh, sorry, most of it. Sorry, most of the violent crime,” he added.

“Because why? Because I talk about the fact that Jews run the media? They do! They do! They do!” he exclaimed.

Fuentes also denied being a “literal goose-stepping Neo-Nazi” by claiming that he doesn’t even know the meaning of the phrase.

“I don’t even know what that is. I don’t even know what goose-stepping is,” he said implausibly. “I don’t have like a replica of a Nazi WWII uniform in my basement. I’m just a white guy who’s had enough of the bullshit. And this is what goes on.”

Fuentes also told viewers that “people have had enough,” and that the “only reason that you don’t see widespread, massive resistance to what’s going on” is that “they’re actively suppressing it” by deplatforming people like him.

“So think about what I’m saying: If it were not for the fact that they were literally shutting down the Internet every single day, and doing it more dramatically every day, and it’s more restrictive every day, and it’s more over-the-top, you would have massive, widespread disobedience and resistance to what’s going on.”