Headlines — 7/16/21

Tucker Carlson pushes election lies and threatens another insurrection, CPAC’s Dallas event was crawling with extremists, 16 members of a white supremacist gang are indicted, and more.

Right Wing Watch – Campaign against teaching about racism in U.S. spreads across right-wing media.
Media Matters – Pushing more easily-debunked lies about the election, Tucker Carlson threatens another insurrection.
Talking Points Memo – The deeply racist dimensions to Ashli Babbitt’s martyrdom.
VICE News – American Dental Association pressured to extract itself from Paul Gosar.
Salon – CPAC’s Dallas conference was a carnival of extremists and conspiracy theorists.
The Daily Beast – Juiced up Trump fanatics plotted to blow up Democratic HQ, feds say.
NBC News – 16 members of Florida white supremacist gang charged in sweeping indictment.
Hatewatch – Neo-Nazi’s Bitcoin history suggests Russian darknet link.
HuffPost – William Regnery II, reclusive millionaire who financed American fascists, dead at 80.