Nick Fuentes: Immigrants Are Being ‘Weaponized’ Against America

On July 7, 2021, white nationalist podcaster Nick Fuentes, who is currently traveling cross-country as part of his “White Boy Summer” tour, visited Infowars’ Austin, TX headquarters. During an appearance that day on The Alex Jones Show, he complained that immigrants from Africa and Latin America had been “weaponized” against America.

“Why do you think everybody wants to get into white countries, but then whites are so bad?” Jones asked. Fuentes called this a “great question” and replied that “It’s because we have nice places to live. We have pretty nice things. We have nice cities. No one’s getting decapitated or necklaced like they do in Mexico or anything, or the Middle East.”

He added that immigrants want to live in a “normal, healthy, sane country,” but said that they “tend to bring with them the kinds of conditions that they left in the first place.”

“You know, it’s not really a coincidence that those places are the way that they are — Africa, Latin America, other places. They pack up Africa, they pack up Mexico, and they walk right across the border and they bring it here. And that’s ultimately the problem. And it’s white supremacy if you oppose that. It’s white supremacy if you wanna keep things the way that they are,” he said.

Jones responded by saying that if immigrants assimilated into the “Western, Christian culture” it will be “successful.” If they oppose that culture, however, “it’s gonna fall.” But Fuentes said that immigrants who come to America today assimilate into a culture of “Netflix, and Nike, and MSNBC, and Amazon.”

“They’re assimilating into an evil empire,” he said.

After Jones babbled something about how COVID-19 lockdowns “starved the Third World to death” while the U.N. “used it as a weapon to attack,” Fuentes claimed that immigrants had been “weaponized.” “They weaponize those people,” he said. “The immigrants that are coming over here out of self-interest and other people — they’re being weaponized.”

Jones went on to say that the “Western, open, Christian ethos of ‘everybody has rights, every person’s home is their property'” is the only thing that “stands in the way of the globalists.” He claimed that “that’s why they’re using the outside world to bring it down, because the Western ethos is such a great thing, it threatens the global corporate takeover.”