Lauren Witzke Claims Equality Act Will ‘Make Christianity A Crime’

On the July 1, 2021 episode of The Alex Jones Show, racist dingbat Lauren Witzke falsely claimed that the proposed Equality Act would “make Christianity a crime” during a rant about her Wells Fargo account being shut down. Witzke also made a number of other false claims, including that pastors would be forced to perform same-sex weddings.

Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones introduced Witzke — who unsuccessfully ran for Senate in 2020 and now hangs out with Neo-Nazis and antisemites — by likening the closure of her bank account to the persecution of Jews under Nazi Germany. “This is Nazi Germany stuff. First thing Hitler did was take the Jews’ bank accounts,” he said.

Without evidence, Witzke told Jones that Wells Fargo’s decision to close her bank account was not only politically motivated, but based on her objections to the Equality Act — proposed legislation which would ban discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity in public accommodations, employment, housing, and other areas.

Witzke rattled off a laundry list of laughable objections to the bill, which she claimed is part of an effort to “illegalize Jesus Christ and the scripture.”

“So what it will do is it will classify scripture, belief in traditional marriage as hate speech,” she claimed falsely. “If an abortionist chooses not to — wants to make the decision to not perform an abortion, they can arrest that abortionist or that doctor or that nurse that chooses to take the biblical approach and change their lives.”

She added that “Children who struggle with gender identity, now it’s gonna make it illegal for them to pursue therapy to change their mind. And this is — I mean it’s absolutely an attack on Christians.”

Unsurprisingly there is no provision of the Equality Act which criminalizes “hate speech.” And, as pointed out by Media Matters, the Equality Act “does not change or even address professional guidance on the care of transgender youth, nor does it prohibit parents from making medical decisions for their kids.”

Nonetheless Witzke continued piling falsehood upon falsehood in an effort to malign the Equality Act, telling Jones that the Act will “make Christianity a crime on a federal level,” that it will “federally illegalize” Christian scripture, and that “hundreds of thousands of pastors” will be imprisoned for refusing to perform same-sex marriages.

“We as Christians, that Christian baker was just fined $500 for not wanting to bake the tranny cake,” she said, referring to Colorado baker Jack Phillips who violated a state nondiscrimination law by refusing to bake a birthday cake (which was blue on the outside and pink on the inside) for a transgender woman.

“How is it that they can force Christians to bake the cake, but we can’t force big banks like Wells Fargo to service Christians?” she asked.