Headlines — 7/01/21

Tucker Carlson claims the NSA is spying on him, how Michael Flynn profited from QAnon, a Massachusetts double-murder appears to be a hate crime, and more.

The New York Times – Day of Rage: An in-depth look at how a mob stormed the Capitol.
Gizmodo – Tucker Carlson claims without evidence the NSA is spying on him.
The Intercept – How Michael Flynn profited from the QAnon conspiracy.
CNN – Oregon senior RNC leader says he was unaware of pro-Nazi host and white nationalist activist they discussed during YouTube chat.
HuffPost – New England community reels after double-murder appears to be a hate crime.
Insider – A judge blocked Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ ‘deplatforming’ law, saying it would violate social-media companies’ First Amendment rights.
Vox – The Supreme Court leaves the Voting Rights Act alive — but only barely.
Media Matters – Tucker Carlson’s history of fearmongering about white replacement, genocide, and race war.
VICE News – The ‘Cyber Ninja’ trying to steal Arizona for Trump is in a wild new QAnon movie.
Mother Jones – Who is Nick Fuentes, and why is a U.S. Rep. buddying up to the segregationist, Holocaust-denying Gen Z influencer?