Jared Taylor: ‘Minority Rule Was The Only Way Badly Outnumbered Whites Could Maintain Order’ In South Africa

In a video called “The Heroic White Tribe of South Africa,” white supremacist Jared Taylor paid tribute to South Africa’s Afrikaner minority. In the June 11, 2021 American Renaissance video, which explained the history of the Afrikaners, Taylor justified white minority rule of the mostly Black nation.

Taylor explained to his audience that “South Africa became a fully sovereign nation in 1934,” and that white people, “both English and Afrikaner, ruled over a Black population that was much larger.”

But after briefly discussing the creation of the apartheid system in 1948, he lamented that, starting in the 1960s, “the white nations of the world led an increasingly harsh campaign of sanctions and boycotts to force the South Africans to end minority rule.” By 1994, he noted, “Blacks were given the vote.”

Taylor claimed that “Black rule” of South Africa “has meant what it means everywhere: corruption, incompetence, and the systematic dispossession of whites.” Feeding unsubstantiated claims that white people are being oppressed in South Africa, Taylor said that “many thousands of whites” have already fled, and that the “regime openly persecutes them.”

“Blacks routinely kill white farmers — Boers, literally — to drive them from the land,” he claimed. However, this claim is unsubstantiated and there is no evidence that violence against South African farmers is primarily racially motivated.

“The world has treated South Africans as criminals,” he continued.

“But minority rule was the only way badly outnumbered whites could maintain order and preserve civilization in a multiracial state. Could a fair, more generous division of the country along racial lines have left whites with a real country of their own? We will never know.”

Taylor concluded that South Africa sends a “message to us all that only in unity can white nations survive and prosper.”