Far-Right Author Jim Goad Wore Blackface In 2019 Video

In a video from 2019, far-right author Jim Goad can be seen rapping while wearing blackface. The video, which does not appear on Goad’s website, was preserved on Bitchute in August 2019 by a user who routinely uploads content venerating white supremacist mass murderers.

The video begins with Goad with his back to the camera, before he turns around to reveal that he’s wearing dark makeup, sunglasses, and a camouflage baseball cap. Goad then sings along to Vanilla Ice’s 1990 single “Ice Ice Baby,” while substituting his own name for the phrase “too cold.”

As the song ends Goad says, “Cultural appropriation, yo. 2019. Jim Goad. Fuck y’all y’all. … Fuck ya mother, ya father, ya mother’s father and your mother’s sister. Fuck you all. The king. I’m Audi 500 — 5,000. 5.0. Whateva.”

For Goad, this was just one of many racist incidents throughout a bigoted career.

Goad has made multiple appearances on white supremacist shows including Henrik Palmgren and Lana Lokteff’s Red Ice TV, Jean-François Gariépy’s The Public Space, Richard Spencer’s The McSpencer Group, and a Neo-Nazi podcast called The Gas Station.

From 2010 to 2020 Goad wrote a regular column for the far-right Taki’s Magazine. Last October he quit Taki’s and moved to white nationalist publishing house Counter-Currents. Goad’s byline has also appeared on the white nationalist websites American Renaissance and VDARE.

This hasn’t turned Goad into a total pariah, however.

Goad currently hosts the show HARDBALLS on Censored.TV, a (reportedly struggling) right-wing media company launched by Proud Boys founder Gavin McInnes. In addition to Goad, Censored.TV employs a number of right-wing personalities, including Milo Yiannopoulos, Jacob Wohl, and Laura Loomer.

Last month saw the debut of a Censored.TV show co-hosted by Gavin Wax — the president of the New York Young Republicans Club who has ties to numerous right-wing extremists.

On Twitter, Goad’s account is one of only 96 followed by Fox News host Tucker Carlson:

Goad’s roughly 17,000 followers also include Fox News White House correspondent Kevin Corke, the libertarian student group Young Americans for Liberty, and Felipe Martins — the special foreign policy advisor to Jair Bolsonaro who was accused in March of flashing a white supremacist hand gesture.