Jesse Lee Peterson Calls George Floyd A ‘Son Of Satan’ Who Caused His Own Death

During a recent episode of The Jesse Lee Peterson Show, far-right pastor and radio host Jesse Lee Peterson smeared George Floyd as a “son of Satan” and claimed he was responsible for his own death. During the show, which aired shortly after the one year anniversary of Floyd’s death, Peterson also referred to Floyd’s family as “thugs.”

“Some of you know that yesterday, the children of the lie pretended that George Floyd had a anniversary,” Peterson said. “And so they celebrated one of their own anniversary — a son of Satan, George Floyd.” Peterson called Floyd an “unemployed drug addict” who is “dead because of George Floyd and no one else.”

Peterson then attacked the Black Lives Matter movement while reading an article from Fox News about U.S. embassies being authorized to display Black Lives Matter flags.

“So they wanna take down the Confederate flag and put up an evil flag — a flag that represents evil, and call it good,” he groused. “Amazin’. Oh, Black people are afraid of the Confederate flag. That [Black Lives Matter] flag look like one of those Hamas flags. Allahu akbar. Don’t they fly black flags? Yeah, that look like one of them.”

(The flag of Hamas is green and white, not black and white.)

Peterson turned to the story of George Floyd’s family being invited to the White House to meet with President Biden and Vice President Harris and discuss police reform. Outraged, he denounced them as a “thug family” that “raised a no-good male” and “invad[ed] our White House.”

“You have thugs and criminals and children of the lie invading our White House,” he continued. “It was bad enough when Obama was there. It’s even worse now. Obama opened up the floodgates of Hell. And look what’s happenin’.”

During his rant Peterson began attacking Black people more broadly. He suggested, for example, that white people are in danger because “the Blacks have been encouraged to go into the suburbs — anywhere white people dwell — go and destroy them.” Peterson claimed that this was because “most Black people are evil.”

He also criticized white people for failing to “rebuke” Black people and “giv[ing] up their country to the Blacks.”

“It was white people who founded and created the greatest country on this side of Heaven,” he added. “And at one time it was a joy for anyone to be here. But these Blacks are bringing a curse upon America. And the whites are too because they’re allowing it to happen. They don’t have to allow it to happen.”