Headlines — 5/30/21

A Massachusetts elementary school teacher led a secret life as a white nationalist writer, QAnon’s catchphrases are disappearing from the Internet, the GOP killed a commission into the Jan. 6 insurrection, and more.

HuffPost – An elementary school teacher’s secret life as a white nationalist writer.
DFR Lab – QAnon’s hallmark catchphrases evaporating from the mainstream Internet.
The Root – Iowa woman who hit Black 12-year-old and Latina teen with her SUV sentenced to 25 years in prison.
VICE News – Mass shooting plotter is allegedly sending prison letters to influential Neo-Nazi and is calling for violence.
The Daily Beast – Inside the wild GOP civil war playing out under the radar.
Media Matters – Fox News’ fearmongering about critical race theory is all about the midterm campaigns — and now the network is admitting it.
Right Wing Watch – Marjorie Taylor Greene now claims she never compared mask mandates to the Holocaust. She did.
Slate – What if the renegade Arizona audit declares Trump won?
BuzzFeed News – Senate Republicans killed a commission to investigate the Jan. 6 attacks.
Talking Points Memo – GOPers lose it over U.S. military’s ‘left-wing extremism,’ complain to Secretary of Defense.
Salon – Roger Stone predicts a Donald Trump criminal indictment is on the horizon.
The New Republic – A “war” on domestic terrorism won’t stop far-right extremists.