Lauren Witzke Smears LGBTQ People As Mentally Ill On Antisemitic ‘TruNews’ Show

On the latest episode of TruNews, white nationalist and failed Republican senate candidate Lauren Witzke repeated decades-old anti-LGBTQ tropes during a tirade about California gubernatorial candidate Caitlyn Jenner. Witzke falsely claimed that LGBTQ people are sexual predators who suffer from a “mental illness.”

During the segment immediately preceding the interview with Witzke, Rick Wiles and his co-hosts Edward Szall and Doc Burkhart ranted about Jenner’s campaign and what it means for America, while repeatedly misgendering her.

Wiles, an antisemitic End Times pastor who once claimed President Trump was the victim of a “Jew coup,” asked his co-hosts if the “Evangelical right-wing cheerleaders in the Republican Party” would openly support Jenner.

“They will,” said Burkhart. “I just know they will. I mean if he ends up being the frontrunner for the Republican ticket out in California, yeah they’re gonna line up.” Burkhart explained that America is a “Judeo-Christian” nation, which means that “we’re gonna take the Jewish values and override the Christian values.”

Szall then pointed out an Old Testament verse which condemns men wearing women’s clothing and vice versa to suggest that transgender people are an “abomination.”

Wiles agreed, and said it is their “responsibility to proclaim God’s opinion” — although he backtracked slightly to refer to it as a “decree.” “To say it’s God’s opinion means He’s entitled to His opinion but you’re entitled to yours. No you’re not,” Wiles said. “You’re not entitled to your opinion that violates what God has decreed.”

Wiles went on to attack “morally bankrupt” Evangelicals who “sold out the Church” while their congregations, and the country, moved toward “Freemasonry.” Wiles also blamed this on Jewish people, telling his co-hosts that “you can’t separate Masonry from Judaism.” “They are synonymous,” he claimed.

Edward Szall, who interviewed Witzke, introduced her as someone who opposed the “demonic” agenda they had been discussing. Referring to Caitlyn Jenner’s campaign, Szall told Witzke that “it appears that the [Republican] Party’s not the Party of Lincoln anymore, but the party of crossdressers and homosexuals.”

Witze said that “10 years ago they were telling us that we were crazy for talking about the slippery slope when they first legalized gay marriage.” (Same-sex marriage was legalized nationwide in 2015.)

“Now we’re talking about running a transgender [sic] — Bruce Jenner — for office, not running him under his biological name,” she fumed. “They are running him [as Caitlyn Jenner] as a way to cater to his mental illness as well. You know we are enabling a mental illness.”

Gay, lesbian, and bisexual people are not mentally ill. Neither are transgender people.

She then repeated a false claim popular with anti-gay organizations: that gays and lesbians are sexual predators.

“When I said that the LGBTQ agenda is a gateway drug to pedophilia, that was statistically speaking,” Witzke claimed. “I’m not just making this up. 40% of people — they’ve got 3% of the population — but still make up 40% of the pedophilia nationally. Now that is a lifestyle that enables and promotes pedophilia.”

It is unclear where Witzke pulled these statistics from, but the claim that gays, lesbians, and bisexuals are disproportionately likely to molest children is false, and is one of many anti-gay myths used to justify discriminatory policies.

Szall tied this in with the Republican Party’s apparent unwillingness to make “fighting pedophilia” and ending “child sex trafficking rings” a “key party platform issue.” Witzke, of course, has heavily promoted the deranged QAnon movement, adherents of which believe political and Hollywood elites are routinely trafficking children to assault and murder.

“You fought this cabal,” Szall said. “I call ’em a cabal ’cause that seems what they are now. You look [at] this leadership in the Republican Party — you fought them by standing up against Rick Grenell, President Trump’s — for a short period of time — acting National Security Adviser.”

Witzke publicly feuded with Grenell — who is openly gay — on Twitter shortly before she was permanently suspended from that platform. Grenell had tweeted a screenshot of a Facebook post by a trans woman who attended CPAC, which led to a flood of transphobic abuse by Witzke and her allies.

“Transgenderism is demonic, no matter how much $$ your donors give you to convince you it isn’t,” Witzke tweeted at the time. “Is CPAC going to start advocating for chemical castrations for minors next year? Because that’s what’s coming.”

Witzke told Szall that Grenell was “promoting transgenderism [sic] at CPAC,” while the Republican Party continues to be the “party of traditional marriage.” Claiming to represent “80% of the GOP voting base,” Witzke said she “took a stand against Richard Grenell platforming mental illness and platforming this kind of degeneracy.”

“We’re the party of Jesus. We’re the party of traditional family values,” said the diehard supporter of a Biblically-illiterate, thrice-married adulterer who was known to privately mock his Christian supporters. “And we’re the party that supports the American family nuclear structure.”