Alan Dershowitz Tells Nick Di Paolo That Jurors Were Too ‘Terrified’ To Acquit Derek Chauvin

During the Apr. 29, 2021 episode of The Nick Di Paolo Show, racist, pro-Trump comedian Nick Di Paolo and his guest, attorney Alan Dershowitz, agreed that convicted murderer Derek Chauvin did not receive a fair trial. Dershowitz suggested without evidence that the jurors were “terrified” and said the verdict “should be overturned.”

Di Paolo, who has defended the use of the N-word and has repeatedly called for violence against protesters, told Dershowitz that he recently watched an interview with one of the jurors. The juror in question, Brandon Mitchell, remarked that the footage of George Floyd dying was “tough to watch.”

“You’re watching somebody die every day over and over again on video. You’re watching somebody die on instant replay, in real life,” Mitchell said.

“And I’m like, ‘Doesn’t this prove there was bias?’ and — what do you think?” Di Paolo asked. Dershowitz told him that “there’s always gonna be bias in the jury,” but that the jurors in the Chauvin trial were “terrified that if they came to a verdict other than guilt on murder their homes would be burned down. Their businesses would be attacked.”

Dershowitz also referred to it as a “trial by the mob.” Di Paolo asked whether there’s a “chance that this will be overturned.” Dershowitz replied that it “should be overturned” and that “you can’t have justice with the threat of violence hanging over the heads of the people.”

He then compared the Chauvin trial to that of Leo Frank, a Jewish factory owner who, in 1913, was wrongfully convicted of murdering Mary Phagan, a 13-year-old white girl. After Frank’s death sentence was commuted to life in prison in 1915, he was lynched by an angry mob.

“Well isn’t this gonna be the new normal from here on in if things don’t change in this country?” Di Paolo asked. “Because it seems like mob rule, it sort of casts a — the die has been cast, and every juror from here on in involved in anything racial or cop-related, from here on in they’re gonna be intimidated before they even get in there.”

Dershowitz agreed and said this was already happening in the case of Kim Potter, the ex-Minnesota police officer who fatally shot Duante Wright, a 20-year-old Black man, after allegedly mistaking her handgun for her taser. Potter has since been charged with second-degree manslaughter.