The Far-Right Erupts After Derek Chauvin Guilty Verdict

Last week ex-Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin was found guilty of murdering George Floyd after a nearly month-long trial. Convictions of police officers over the killing of Black people are rare, and while many celebrated the verdict, far-right figures — including many white nationalists — were outraged.

Shortly after the verdict was announced, misogynistic and anti-LGBTQ podcaster Matt Walsh tweeted without evidence that a Democrat-led “mob” “successfully intimidated” the jury. Hours later he claimed that Chauvin was a “sacrificial goat” to “atone for the sins of the white man.”

Walsh also wrote: “The only systemic and institutional racism left in America is anti-white racism.”

Cassandra Fairbanks of the far-right junk news website The Gateway Pundit was practically beside herself with grief over Chauvin’s treatment. “Poor Chauvin,” she tweeted. “This is awful. He is a political prisoner. Nobody can change my mind on this.” Of George Floyd’s murder, Fairbanks stated that “Nothing of value was lost.”

Male supremacist Mike Cernovich, who once considered himself a part of the racist “alt-right” movement, predicted that police “will stop doing their jobs.” “Get out of the cities,” he added. “Live in a deep red area where you’re allowed to have lawful concealed carry. It’s the era of self-reliance.”

Conspiracy theorist and Neo-Nazi collaborator Jack Posobiec tweeted that the “Blue Flu will be the next pandemic.” The “Blue Flu” refers to a large number of police officers using sick leave to, in effect, stage a walk-out. It is often used to stymie police reform or in response to disciplinary action against officers.

Kaitlin Bennett, a reporter for the extremist media outlet Liberty Hangout, tweeted “And now we know our country will not be able to withstand the threat of the mob when asked to protect our innocence. Our justice system means nothing anymore!”

The next day Bennett sent out a flurry of racist tweets.

In one she wrote that there is “only institutional racism against whites.” In another she alleged that Black people are more violent than white people. “13% of the population commits more than 50% of the violent crime. Could this possibly have anything to do with what’s going on in our country?” she asked.

Right-wing pundit John Cardillo wrote, “Just a reminder that there was never a concern about whites rioting if Chauvin was found guilty.” And in an Apr. 22 tweet he hysterically claimed that “if a proposal was floated to decriminalize the murder of whites and the murder of police officers no matter their race, no one in the Congressional Black Caucus would object.”

On Apr. 11, white nationalist Scott Greer tweeted, “White boy summer starts with Derek Chauvin’s acquittal.” After Chauvin was convicted on all three counts, Greer was forced to issue an update. “Uhhh… it appears white boy summer has been postponed,” he wrote in a reply to his previous tweet.

Ethan Ralph, the host of the far-right podcast The Killstream, remarked that “BLM has their knee on the neck of America right now.”

On Telegram, an encrypted messaging app that has become a safe haven for violent extremists, Neo-Nazi podcaster Joseph Jordan (a.k.a. “Eric Striker”) complained about America’s “total lack of white consciousness.” “All of the white officers in that court should’ve thrown their badges on the ground and refused to even apprehend Chauvin,” he wrote.

Lauren Witzke, a failed Republican senate candidate who associates with white nationalists and Neo-Nazis, called the Black Lives Matter movement a “demon” which “should have been destroyed as soon as it surfaced.” She went on to write that Black Lives Matter activists “want blood” and that the country was “handed over” to a “satanic Marxist mob.”

And the official Telegram channel for Gab — a Twitter knock-off founded by antisemitic Christian nationalist Andrew Torba — responded to the verdict with a handful of racist posts. “God help you if you’re a white male in this anti-white country,” read one. Another depicted a cartoon suggesting Chauvin was only guilty of “being white.”

In an essay for Counter-Currents Publishing, white nationalist Greg Johnson protested the verdict and claimed that Derek Chauvin “never should have been tried in the first place.” “No crime was committed,” Johnson wrote. “Chauvin was merely in the wrong place at the wrong time when a habitual criminal and druggie finally overdosed.”

Johnson accused George Floyd of “act[ing] like a walking stereotype” by “overdosing on multiple drugs, passing counterfeit currency, and capering around with a banana in his hand.” He ended his screed by calling for secession and the creation of an all-white nation: “If white people had a country of our own, this would not be happening. … It is time for a racial divorce.”

In an Apr. 21 livestream white nationalist vlogger Jason Köhne said that the guilty verdict signaled the “South Africanization” of the U.S. — a claim he has made before in a different context.

“This is the South Africanization of the United States. It is the South Africanization of the entire Western world,” he said. “It is what happened to our — and is happening to — our brothers and sisters in the country that is still known [as] South Africa. But it stopped being South Africa a very, very long time ago.”

Köhne claimed that all white people — what he refers to as “Westernkind” — were really on trial alongside Chauvin.

While he said he wasn’t familiar with the “particulars” of the case, he suggested that the jury voted to convict because they feared for their lives. “They said ‘Guilty, guilty, guilty. Please don’t hurt us,” Köhne said. “That was the unspoken [decision]. ‘Guilty, guilty, guilty. Please don’t hurt us. Please don’t hurt my family. Please don’t burn my house down.'”

At the same time, he claimed that “every single person in the courtroom is living inside the anti-white narrative” — including the jurors. “Every jury member — Of his peers? Of his peers? — they all hate white people!” he exclaimed. Köhne then alleged that the jury concluded that “white people are evil” and that “nonwhite people are always virtuous, innocent, etc.”

White nationalist Vincent James Foxx, in an Apr. 21 video titled “Why the Chauvin Verdict Means the END of America as We Know It,” alleged that for every incident in which a Black person is killed by police there is a “relating case for a white person.” “White people don’t riot,” Foxx said. “White people don’t even commit crimes.”

He added that if you “go to any white area, any majorly white area of the country” it will be “safer than every single other area of the country, aside from maybe the majorly East Asian parts of the country.”

Foxx said that “maybe police are going to learn” that they should stay out of majority nonwhite areas. “They shouldn’t be in Minneapolis. They shouldn’t be in St. Louis. They shouldn’t be in Detroit. They shouldn’t be in the south side of Chicago. They shouldn’t be policing Los Angeles, CA or Compton. They shouldn’t be policing any of these areas,” he said.

And he claimed that the murder rate is going to increase “now that people know that mob rule wins” and that “violence actually works” — implying that the jury was somehow intimidated into finding Chauvin guilty.

“So police know this as well. And maybe this Derek Chauvin case — maybe this Derek Chauvin trial will be yet another lesson, probably the biggest lesson to police and particularly white police and Hispanic police in these areas, why in the hell are you putting yourself through this?” Foxx said. “You can’t even put your hand on a gun.”

And Jared Howe, a white supremacist podcaster who works closely with incarcerated Neo-Nazi Christopher Cantwell, claimed that the verdict is a sign of things to come for all white people. “These Marxists will not stop with the political railroading of any one particular white person,” he said on the Apr. 21 episode of his podcast So to Speak.

“They won’t even stop at the political railroading of police officers.”

Howe compared the conviction of Chauvin to the “lawfare” that was “waged against Donald Trump,” claiming that both were a way for people to take out their “frustrations toward white people.” “And they’re gonna continue until they hunt down every last one of us,” he warned. “Not hyperbole. Not an exaggeration.”

As proof of this Howe cited an article from The Root which compared the construct of “whiteness” to a pandemic, which Howe falsely claimed was calling for the murder of white people. Howe said “They wanna get rid of the bodies through which whiteness is transmitted. In no uncertain terms that means total genocide. That’s what the Left is gearing up for here.”

Howe also said the Chauvin trial was proof that the Left is “trying to see if they can get away with disappearing people,” and that “their success in having been able to do so is going to escalate.” “This bloodlust from the anti-white, communist Left is going to escalate,” he continued.

“You think it won’t. But communists have shown throughout history that literal genocide to get what they want is not beneath them.”