Harrison Smith Tells Antisemitic Caller That ‘Jewish Organizations’ Are ‘Directing’ The FBI

Last month Infowars host Harrison Smith responded to an antisemitic caller by indulging his belief that powerful Jewish groups are controlling the government. Smith, who has spread white nationalist conspiracies in the past, falsely claimed that the FBI is being “directed” by “Jewish organizations” like the ADL and the SPLC.

During the Mar. 10, 2021 episode of his show The American Journal, Smith took a call from “Scott in Florida” who wanted to discuss Smith’s interview with Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes.

Scott called Rhodes a “hero” and “patriot,” and suggested that Smith put together a panel discussion with representatives of various extremist movements: the Oath Keepers, the Proud Boys, the Boogaloo Bois, the Three Percenters, the John Birch Society, sovereign citizens, and even the funeral-picketing Westboro Baptist Church.

“The American people are being persecuted,” Scott told Smith. “And they’re being persecuted by a Zionist Occupied Government.” “Zionist Occupied Government,” or “ZOG,” is a white supremacist conspiracy which alleges that the federal government is under Jewish control.

“When you’ve got an FBI that interrogates, threatens people … because they don’t like their opinions, they don’t like their thought processes, this smacks of a Zionist Occupied Government,” he said. Scott claimed that the U.S. government is “controlled” by the American Israel Public Affairs Committee and the Federal Reserve, which he called a “Rothschild bank.”

He continued his antisemitic rant by telling Smith that when Alex Jones uses words like “globalist” he believes it is a dog whistle for a “cabal of international Jewry that is pushing forward this New World Order, which I call the Jew World Order.” (Smith chuckled at that particular remark.)

Scott then exhorted Infowars listeners to read the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. First published in Russia in 1903, the Protocols is a forged document which purports to reveal a secret plot by Jewish leaders to rule the world. Scott insisted that the Protocols is not a forgery.

Smith did not push back on Scott or attempt to fact check his claims in any way. Instead, Smith added fuel to the fire by claiming it is a “fact” that the “organizations who are actually advising the FBI on what to do” are “Jewish organizations” like the Anti-Defamation League and the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Harrison Smith insisted that he was not calling these groups “Jewish organizations” but that they describe themselves as such. While the ADL is a Jewish group whose mission is to “stop the defamation of the Jewish people, and to secure justice and fair treatment to all,” the SPLC does not describe itself as a “Jewish organization.”

Rather, the SPLC describes itself on its own website as the “premier U.S. non-profit organization monitoring the activities of domestic hate groups and other extremists” such as Neo-Nazis, Klansmen, and antigovernment militias.

And, contrary to Smith’s claims, neither of these groups are “directing the FBI.”

The truth is that the ADL does partner with law enforcement primarily by sharing information and providing educational briefings. According to a 2007 press release the FBI had partnered with the SPLC and other civil rights groups in order to reexamine Civil Rights Era cold cases, but this partnership appears to have ended.

“So you have an organization that is of a certain ideology that is not claiming to be for everybody — it’s the Anti-Defamation League, it’s a Jewish organization — and yet they’re the ones who are directing the FBI,” Smith said. Smith also called the ADL a “hate group” for publishing articles calling him an “antisemite,” a “homophobe,” and a “racist.”

“So these are some of the people that are the ones saying ‘You need to punish Stewart Rhodes. You need to punish Roger Stone. You need to punish Alex Jones,'” Smith continued. “Because they hate what we stand for, which is patriotism, which is the American way, which is not dividing people, but standing together against a force of global tyranny and global slavery that they’re attempting to bring down on us.”

However, Smith did say Scott was wrong about thinking the word “globalist” was a reference to Jews. “When I say ‘globalist’ I mean ‘globalist,'” Smith told the caller. “I mean anyone who adheres to that label or adheres to that ideology, regardless of their religion, their ethnicity, or their race — whatever it is.”

In a Jan. episode of The American Journal, Smith told his viewers that a “white genocide” was taking place in the U.S. and Europe. And during a July 2020 episode of the Infowars show War Room, Smith claimed that white Texans are being subjected to “demographic replacement” as part of a plot to make the Lone Star State vote Democratic.

Smith also recently retweeted John Friend, a notorious Neo-Nazi and host of The Realist Report. Friend had written that the ADL “violated Wikipedia rules” by “editing its own entries.” Smith retweeted this and wrote “Guys, I’m beginning to think the ADL is not the honest, humanitarian organization it appears to be.”