White Nationalist YouTube Host: California Ethnic Studies Curriculum Will Create ‘Anti-White Foot Soldiers’

On the Mar. 11, 2021 episode of Going Free, white nationalist vlogger Jason Köhne went on a lengthy tirade against a (then proposed) ethnic studies curriculum in California. Köhne, no stranger to being mad online, angrily accused the curriculum of, among other things, promoting an “interracial” agenda and turning white students into “anti-white foot soldiers.”

The curriculum — which was criticized by right-wing activists and white nationalists — was unanimously approved by the State Board of Education.

Köhne claimed the model curriculum’s use of the word “intercultural” was deceptive and actually meant “interracial.” “They intend to force interracial ideas, under the name of ‘intercultural,’ onto your white babies in education,” he warned. He later insisted that “tomorrow they’re gonna demand that all of your relationships are interracial.”

After reading a line from the model curriculum about students “learning the value and strength of diversity,” Köhne called “diversity” a synonym for “biological white erasure.” And he said that phrases such as “white supremacy” and “white nationalism” are “anti-white slurs.”

He then read from a section which stated that students would ideally be able to “identify institutional, structural inequalities” and “advocate for change at the local, state, national, or international level.” Köhne told viewers that there was a sinister agenda behind this: “turning [students] into anti-white foot soldiers.” “It said it right there,” he added falsely.

But it was the discussion on the “oppression” and “exploitation” of Black Americans that sent the show completely off the rails.

“What do I say when the anti-whites talk about the oppression that African-Americans face, the exploitation of Black labor and their continued fight for liberation? Who are the bad guys?” he shouted. “Who does this condemn with its statement alone? It is anti-white because you are automatically the villain in that story!”

“Somebody has to be exploiting their labor!” he continued. “Somebody has to be oppressing them! Somebody has to be responsible for them having to continue to fight for liberation! And that somebody is the white race — Westernkind! That is why you object to the anti-white narrative when you read that sort of filth!”

Köhne is just objecting to the basic history of the United States, in which Black people were legally enslaved and otherwise discriminated against by white people. Teaching anything to the contrary would be teaching a lie.

But Köhne referred to this history as a “narrative” which will pave the way for the “South Africanization of the United States that will make South Africa and what they’re doing to our brothers and sisters there look like a bed of roses.” (White nationalists often falsely claim that a “white genocide” is underway or about to take place in South Africa.)

He went on to say that the concept of “privilege” means that white people must be forced to “give up.”

“And really what they’re after when they say that you’re privileged is that you have to give up,” he said. “That you have to surrender. You have to be deferential. You have to get on your back and open your legs. You have to get on your knees and open your mouth. You have to give your job up. You have to give your citizenship up. You have to give everything you have up in the world because it’s unbalanced in favor of you.”

No one is saying that, of course.

Finally he told his viewers that white children are being taught to “put down their guards” in order to be “thieved” and “victimized.” And, in what I’m sure Jason Köhne thought was a rousing and not at all unhinged speech, he said that numerous forces from nature to other humans have tried to dominate white people, but that white people always “prevailed.”

One thing has defeated us,” he said angrily. “And it is the ideas that have caused us to lower our guard!”

[The following clips are from a two hour and nine minute episode of Going Free]