Headlines — 3/16/21

Amazon is offering multiple COVID-19 conspiracy books, the identity of Exodus/Americanus host “Roscoe Jones” is revealed, third degree murder charge is reinstated against Derek Chauvin, and more.

BuzzFeed News – Amazon is pushing readers down a “rabbit hole” of conspiracy theories about the coronavirus.
The Intercept – Inside Gab, the online safe space for far-right extremists.
HuffPost – How Republican politics (and Twitter) created Ali Alexander, the man behind ‘Stop the Steal.’
Media Matters – On YouTube, Steven Crowder uses racist stereotypes to attack Black farmers.
The New Republic – The John Birch Society never left — why it’s foolish to think the modern GOP will ever break with its lunatic fringe.
Anonymous Comrades Collective – Meet the Mitchells of “Exodus Americanus.”
Politico – Virginia man sentenced to 33 months for role in conspiracy with white supremacist ties.
VICE News – The cop who killed George Floyd is now facing another murder charge.
Hatewatch – Far-right extremists gather in Florida for CPAC spinoff alongside sitting congressman.